Citizen – Play as a civilian from the class of your choosing trying to survive this pre-apocalyptic world.

Military – The CCD Armed Forces are efficient, fearsome and vast.  From basic soldier to commander, you have your pick of roles!  This includes Military Police.

Government official – As a Privilege you belong to the Ascendancy’s inner circle.  As a Patron of a Dominance you will certainly find a place of power in Moscow.  Other government positions are open to play &/or creation as well.

Atharim – From historian to escatologist; from field hunter to conclave leader, all ranks within the Atharim are wide open, including the Regus, who heads the order.  Your mission is to protect the world from the return of the gods and hunt the creatures we all assume are urban legends.


Atharim – Your abilities as an Atharim include expertise in the realms of subterfuge, clandestine affairs, and weapons training.  You also possess the best insight as to what myths, legends, and lore are based in reality.  The Atharim at this time are still a secret group operating within the Vatican Historical Society.  A second, secret headquarters located in the Moscow central district has recently opened.  

Channeler – Where it all began.  Anyone may be born a Wilder.  A dangerous life awaits, but if you survive you will herald the Age of Awakening.  If you are a channeler, you do not have to be a reborn god.

Reborn god – Some souls are tied to the Wheel and reborn across the ages.  Take your inspiration from the myths about old gods, the channelers from the 5th Age, and walk the earth with a new name and new body.  A reborn god will always be a channeler.  Unfortunately, while you may never remember who you were in your previous life, the essence of who you are remains the same from age to age.  While it doesn’t need to be literal, you will need to demonstrate links in your character application between the myths about the god you were in your previous life (traits, personality, talents, etc) and the person you are today.  Unfortunately, once a god’s identity has been claimed, he/she cannot be duplicated.  Refer to this list of gods currently claimed.  Also see our  FAQ about this topic or feel free to ask for ideas/help on the forums regarding god-inspirations.

Prophet – Dreamt, written and spoken prophecy has shaped every Age since time began.  With this ability you have the opportunity to describe what comes ahead, whether you understand your own foresight or not.

Dreamwalker – The world of Dreams and all the layers therein, once mastered, will become your kingdom.  In short, you have the ability to manipulate dreams, Inception-style.

Wolfkin – Your kind have long been hunted by the Atharim.  Urban legend often portrays you as a lycan or werewolf, but Wolfkin are something else.  Wolfkin develop a relationship with wolves and some wolf-like characteristics in themselves. They can communicate telepathically with nearby wolves and will gradually develop golden eyes with very keen sight and hearing as well as an extraordinary sense of smell which enables them to discern other humans’ and animals’ emotions with considerable accuracy.  Those that delve too deeply into their telepathy may go mad and eventually believe they are a wolf themselves, behaving, feeding, and living as a wolf in the wild.  These insane wolfkin are the likely sources of the werewolf legend.

Furia  – Unlike the monsters hunted by the Atharim, Furia are quite useful to the organization.  They have the ability to sense powerful emotions such as hatred, anger, or joy imprinted upon a location.  The sensation fades with time, but while it lasts, a furia may track the source of the emotion to the person linked to them.  Furia were used to track violent criminals or creatures. 

Sentient – Born anywhere at any time, a sentient is otherwise a human child with extraordinary gifts, much like the Furia.  They have the ability to sense the emotions of everyone around them as if they were their own.  If these powers are developed, they can grow to influence those emotions.  Specific powers, history and detail about the Sentients should be read before deciding to play this class of character.

Humanoid – Special permission is required before submitting an application to play a humanoid. At present, there are two humanoid PC’s.  Both are Naga.  Please inquire ahead of time if interested in playing a Naga or another humanoid creature.

Other creature – If so inclined you may create a new class of character abilities by putting a new interpretation on an old legend.  Cultures from every part of the world or an invention of your own imagination may be your inspiration.  Simply contact us ahead of time to discuss your ideas!  Take heed, however: the Atharim will likely hunt you.

Siren – Beautiful creatures that can lure others to paying intense attention to them or possibly falling in love.


Here you will find some general guidelines to keep in mind when creating your character independent of supernatural ability.  If you would like to stray far from average in a specific character attribute, (eg, writing a literal ‘genius’), seek permission from admin ahead of time.  Otherwise, go ahead and submit your application, but note that you may be requested to tweak things.

Appearance – Please be sure to describe your character’s appearance in terms of size, style, body composition, etc.  If you use a picture, try to match your picture to the description as closely as possible.  For more information about pictures, see the avatar rules.

Origin – You may refer to our setting timeline before deciding where your character was born and how they were raised.  Remember, if you a member of the CCD, for the most part your nation found salvation from the plagues of economic, social, and criminal strife and welcomed annexation.  Organization of people group’s into Dominances maintains a measure of culture, but if you are a young adult, you are likely to have been raised appreciative and grateful for the CCD.  Your parents probably agree.  Your grandparents… well, people can sometimes be set in their ways.  When describing your origin, a numbered Dominance is the official name, but the general public still describes a certain area by the country it once was.  

Skill sets – Please refrain from playing all-powerful characters.  These are defined as anyone who is all at once a flawless beauty, wise, experienced, powerful, popular and without weaknesses.  That is, they are superior to every other character in every way possible.  Before you start thinking this sounds like your Ascendancy, remember he had a fantastic PR staff and a few tricks up his own sleeve.  In general, all-powerful characters are not only unrealistic and not creative, they’re not that much fun!  Remember the best stories center around conflict.  Your character was most certainly skilled in their primary field and perhaps have acquired in a few secondary skills, but do not claim to be an “expert at everything” (especially if you are playing a teenager!).  

Wealth – The economics of the world in 2045 are largely the same as they are today.  Following the Ascendancy’s oil discovery, wealth spread quickly among his supporters.  Within the CCD, the new aristocracy live like sultans.  Unless you were lucky enough to be born into one of these billionaire families, you have bills to pay, maybe a family to support.  Meanwhile, due to recessions around the globe, credit is extremely difficult to secure even within the CCD.  Therefore, cash is king, regardless of any questionable business practices you used to obtain it.  Among currencies, the CCD dollar is the most valuable currency in the world.  Therefore, no matter how wealthy your character is, you will need an explanation to support your adventures. 

Profession – Depending on the age of your character, you may or may not have a profession.  However, if you are young, what are your aspirations?  If you are a newbie in your field, you’re probably still struggling.  Either way, like wealth, your character’s profession should somehow be addressed.  You are welcome to play any member of government or the armed forces even a celebrity or criminal.

Authority positions – If you’re interested in playing a character of high authority positions (head of state, military leader, head of the Atharim, etc) you are welcome to do so.  Many details regarding these positions have intentionally been left undescribed so to give you a chance to participate in shaping your own world.  You character may likewise be a celebrity, actor, athlete, executive, crime lord, etc.  

Weaknesses – Remember it is not your character’s abilities that make him/her interesting.  It is their weaknesses.  Character flaws, physical limitations, personality traits, what they fear most, what dark secret would send them into panic if anyone learned about it: think about these types of things.  Just make sure you address some weaknesses in your character, and have fun with it!