In The First Age, gods of myth, creatures of horror, and forces buried in time are about to be revealed.

Everything will change. Is humanity ready?

Are you?

Joining The First Age is easy. Read over the following steps. Familiarize yourself with our story and setting. Craft a character and join the Forums. That’s it! We look forward to meeting you!

Our story begins in the year 2045. For the last twenty-two years, believing himself to be a god, a man known as the Ascendancy has ruled an empire known as the Central Custody of Dominion. However, as prophesied, other gods are rising across the world: men and women born with the ability to channel the Power. Most of these Wilders die from from never having been able to control the Power they wield, in fact, most are unaware they ever channeled at all. Indeed, the World Health Organization has assumed these strange deaths to be caused by some unidentified communicable disease. Yet, slowly, some are surviving the channeling Sickness long enough to realize they are different. Meanwhile, a secret society known as the Atharim, sworn hunters of the world’s darkest creatures we all assume are myth, lore, and legend, have mercilessly been slaughtering every channeler they can find.

Our site is set in the year 2045 in Moscow, the capital of the Central Custody of Dominion, the empire which has unified most of Asia and Europe. Information regarding the geography, maps, and points of interest are described on the Forums. Technology, medicine, and science have advanced along a familiar trajectory and speed.

Now that you’ve decided to join, you’ll need to create a character. First, look over all the character classes you have the option to play. If you decide to play a channeler, a man or woman capable of wielding the Power, you need to familiarize yourself with the structure of our channeling system, where you can learn about your raw strength, talents, abilities and how to interact with other channelers. Likewise, you can play a non-channeler such as an Atharim and Wolfkin, or contact Admin to create your own class of character.

To join you will need to fill out an application, basically a form outlining your character profile which includes such information as background, description, personality and biography. Examples of character biographies may be viewed here. You will also need to pick a picture for your character. Character and pictures need to conform to site Rules. Your application is automatically submitted to Admin who will contact you via Private Message on the forums when your character has been approved.

Finally, you need to create an account on the forums. This is important because it is via private message on the forums that you will be contacted by Admin once your character has been approved to play. Until then, feel free to join the out of character General Discussion, hop in the chatroom, join our facebook page, and get to know other writers.

If at any time you have a question, you may contact us here, join the chat room, or post a question on the forums.

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