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Strength in the Power
Potential strength in the Power only


You need not have read the Wheel of Time books to play a channeler so long as you have a grasp of our magic system, but names which appear in parentheses alongside the following level are best estimates of strengths of famous characters from the books.  This information is meant to provide context and examples.

Updated scale:

This is an update to the 21-level One Power scale classically used across WoT groups to gauge strength in the One Power.  Due to new information revealed by Robert Jordan's notes, an updated scale has been released.  What follows is an adaptation of that scale PC's in The First Age.

The stronger the channeler, the higher on the scale they are.  In brackets you will find estimates of strength from famous characters in the books; additional information is meant to provide context and examples.

Level 42 (Lews Therin; Rand; Ishamael  (highest male level))
The Ascendancy

Level 41 (Demandred, Aginor)
Alric Xavier Ranier
Michael Vellas
Tan Li

Level 40 (Sammael, Balthamael, Logain, Taim)
Men - Level full
Marcus Dubois
Nicholas Trano
Jon Little Bird
Manix Lir

Level 39 (Be’lal, Rhavin)
Men - Level full
Joseph Sinclair
Damien Oakland
Ryker Petrović
Aiden Finnegan

Level 38 (Lanfear (highest female level))
Men - Level full
Giovanni Cavelli
Elias Donovan
Sören Lindgren
Jared Vanders
Rowan Finnegan
Sofia Vesilieva

Level 37 (Graendal, Asmodean)
Jaxen Marveet
Yuri Obrechennyy
Nadia Sokolov
Oriena Rusayev

Level 36 (Nynaeve, Semirhage) 
Jensen James
Zoya Bocharov
Meera Alam

Level 35 (Mesaana)
Cain Belasis
Leon Corlinson
Tehya Alisdelisgi
Katya Alokhin
Melany Alvarez Tai Terrones

Level 34 (Moghedien)
Claire Novak
Zhenya Disir

Level 33
Allan Rikovi

Level 32
Vladimir Perov, (deceased before reaching full potential)
Katchina Makawee
Danika Zayed

Level 31
Carolyne Weber (Transgender)
Idris kidani
Victoria Wolff
Morven Kinnaird
Evelyn Avalon

Level 30 (Egwene, Elayne, Aviendha)
Nox Durante
Alexander Knight
Jet Terrone
Women - Level full
Aeva Morgan
Natalie Northbrook-Grey
Ayden Hayes

Level 29
Ivan Sarkozy
Muhammad al-Hasan
Spectra Lin
Emily Shale

Level 28 (Cadsuane)
Panteni Saladin
Annika Mikhalka
Anna Rodriguez

Level 27
Jay Carpenter
Andrew Koehler

Level 26 (Elaida, Moiraine – Minimum level to use the Chodean Kal)
Tony Soloyov
Aurora Durante (deceased before reaching full potential)

Level 25
Deveny Sándor (Ezekiel)

Level 24

Level 23
Mikhail Sergeyev

Level 22
Dane Gregory

Level 21 (Average Asha'man strength)
Sebastian Volodin, (decreased before reaching full potential)
Serena Morrigan

Level 20
Cruz Vega
Ilesha Fisher

Level 19
Thalia Milton
Colette Moreau

Level 18 (Verin – Minimum level to Travel – Necessary to become Master)
Daiyu Sòng
Helena Asquith

Level 17

Level 16 (Average Aes Sedai strength)

Level 15

Level 14

Level 13

Level 12 (Minimum level to become Expert)

Level 11

Level 10
Pyotr Grigory
Liv Sokolov

Level 9 (Average strength of all male channelers on planet)

Level 8

Level 7

Level 6 (Average strength of all female channelers on planet.)

Level 5 (Diagian – Minimum level to become Aes Sedai –Minimum level to become Adept)

Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

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