Carter de Volthström

Carter is one of 170 descendants of Werner Volthström, and the family wealth has been divided among these many descendants and heirs over the years. He is the son of Tobias Volthström, who was 45 before he finally sired an heir with his third wife, who at the time was a 26-year old model and socialite, Bianca. Much speculation went into why Tobias waited so long to continue the line for a family whose parentage was as important to them as the Volthström’s. One rumor suggested that he was medically infertile. Another that he had already produced a male heir, but that the suitability of the mother was far below their standards, and the infant was made to disappear. 

Today, the larger Volthström’s family holdings span a number of industries, including financial services, real estate, mining, energy, and charitable work. The family also own more than a dozen wineries throughout the world. The remarkable success of the family has largely been due to a strong interest in cooperation, being entrepreneurs, and the practice of smart business principles. The estate of Werner Volthström was intimately tied to the other fortunes of the family and became part of the collective wealth each Volthström passed to the next generation. Volthström descendants continue to finance global business operations and contribute to scholarly, humanitarian, cultural, and business endeavors.

Despite only limited business involvement in the U.S. there have always been assorted Volthströms living here – even Tobias himself was reported to spend entire seasons in the States in an expansive 14-room apartment on the Upper East Side at 820 Fifth Avenue. Tobias also owned had a pied-à-terre in the West Village, that he suddenly sold for a reported $17.5 million in 2021 without a known reason. 


At the age of 25, Carter finds himself ensnared in the weighty expectations of his family. They exert considerable pressure upon him to conform to a prescribed demeanor, to present himself in a particular manner—both in appearance and speech. He’s tasked with exuding an air of confidence and charisma, all while commanding an aura of authority. Simultaneously, he must curate his social circle with precision, avoiding anyone of questionable status.

Carter’s educational journey led him through Eton and Oxford, institutions renowned for their pedigree. Yet, his reputation wasn’t solidified through academic accomplishments, but rather through his exploits on London’s vibrant social scene and his adventures within the spirited dining and drinking societies of Oxford. These escapades, however, did little to bolster the business prowess that could enhance the standing of his family’s venerable 250-year-old banking legacy. He is particularly close with his cousin, Guillaume, who is widely acknowledged in the family as being a poor influence on everyone he meets.

Carter & Colette

For two centuries, the Volthströms have not only been known for their banking prowess and lavish estates but also for their commitments to the arts and intellectual life. Tobias’ heir, Carter, crossed paths with Colette Moreau in her work for the Stella Moreau Companies Charitable Foundation.

Maël Durand

They dated for a season, jetting back and forth between New York and London. The families greatly approved of the match, and when their relationship soured over Carter’s jealousy, immense pressure on both sides pushed the two of them to stay together.

Following the death of Aloïs Moreau, Colette began to spend more time with another man. Maël Durand was a Broadway actor, and it was widely known that Colette was his patron. When he confronted her over the potential humiliation that his girlfriend was cavorting around New York with a mere actor, she denied the implied accusation. So he sought the truth from Maël himself. Colette came to Maël’s defense, and she and Carter have not been seen together since.

Carter and Guillaume

Guillaume epitomizes a blend of aristocratic charm and otherworldly allure. Guillaume will inherit not only the family’s substantial wealth but also its legacy of influence and power. From a young age, his path seemed destined for extravagance and luxury. Raised amidst opulent Parisian surroundings, Guillaume quickly learned to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of high society. His striking features, dark hair, and penetrating gaze commanded attention whenever he entered a room. 

Almost exactly like his cousin, Guillaume’s educational journey mirrored his family’s legacy. He attended Oxford with Carter where he demonstrated an innate understanding of strategy and manipulation. His intellect, however, often took a back seat to his reputation as a bon vivant and master of partying. Night after night, he sank in the indulgences of his city, earning a reputation as both a charismatic seducer and a mischievous provocateur.

Yet, beneath his veneer of confidence lay a complex soul, yearning for something more than the surface-level glamour. Guillaume harbors layers of contradictions. His aloof demeanor conceals his vulnerabilities, and his witty retorts veil his insecurities. He balances on the tightrope between embracing his family’s legacy and rebelling against its suffocating expectations. 

Guillaume’s relationship with his father, Timothée de Volthström, is a complex interplay of tradition, expectation, and personal struggle. On the surface, their dynamic reflects a blend of reverence and tension, influenced by their roles within the family’s esteemed lineage. Timothée has dedicated his life to preserving and expanding the family’s legacy, positioning the Volthstrom name at the forefront of financial influence. This dedication to tradition, however, has occasionally left little room for emotional connection or understanding. Their interactions are punctuated by a mix of formal gatherings and rare, intimate moments. Guillaume, the heir apparent, recognizes the weight of his father’s expectations. He often feels like he’s living in the shadow of Timothée achievements and the demands placed upon him to uphold the family’s reputation. Therefore, if he cannot live up to these unrealistic expectations, he will embrace his baser nature instead, and all the better if Carter is along for the ride.

Previous lives

Leodon Taravin: During the 3rd Age, he was nobleman of Andor.

Behemoth: A Watcher of the 5th Age known as the demon of envy.

Carter has two unacknowledged halfbrothers out there.



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