Basic Stats

Age: 24
Origin: Russia, Zamoskvarechye
Occupation: CDPS Officer, Domovoi
Height: 6’2”
Power Potential: 29
Reborn God: Viracocha
Talent: Channeler
Loyalty: CCD

Born in a poor neighbourhood to a beat cop and a baker, with two younger siblings. Ivan, known as Vanya to his family, idolised his father and followed in his footsteps. He first channeled at aged 21, while on a job, in order to protect his partner. After growing Sick, he woke up in the Facility, where his life was saved by the Ascendancy himself in return for an oath of loyalty and life-service.

Ivan was subsequently sent to work for special police force and serves as additional Kremlin security for high-profile events such as the Grand Ball.

A data screen next to his door reminded him of the young man’s name. Ivan. Twenty-one years of age and already a promising candidate in Moscow’s police academy. He came from a line of respected officers, although Nikolai did not recognize the family’s name. Men like those of the Sarkozy family aided Nikolai’s peaceful transformation of Russia into the empire it was today. These were the families that were most loyal to his cause.



Ivan recently reconnected with Danya Khorasani, with whom he’s discovered he shares a daughter, Zara.


  • Ascendancy; teacher, mentor, and the man to whom Ivan owes life and loyalty.
  • Drayson; Chief Inspector and head of Domovoi
  • Dorian; Domovoi colleague
  • Ryker; shady associate through the Syndicate, while it was still operated by Yun Kao


5th Age: Viracocha, an Incan god from the 5th age. His love for his people was only rivalled by his love for his wife, the goddess Amana, and their two sons. The God Wars of South America wreaked havoc across Central and South America and their relationship wasn’t spared the chaos.



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