The demon-king of Lanka


Pantheon: Hindu
Parents: ?
Reincarnation: Ryker

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Ravana’s name means “one who’ll make you cry”.
Ravana was an extremely powerful Rakshasa..
He was adept in the Vedas, Shastras, sciences of weaponry and was an expert warrior.
He skin was like sapphire.
His eyes were smoking red like burning charcoal and black curly hair.
He had huge beautiful clean white fangs and he him-self was huge in stature.
his chest was broad and his arms massive like elephant trunks!
His body was smeared with red sandalwood paste.
He had a huge crater like scar on his chest caused by the tusk of Airavata.
He had several scars all over his bodies caused by various celestial weapons and his shoulders were smeared with diamonds by attacks from Vishnu’s chakra.-(because of his boon, no god can defeat/kill him).
His wore a beautiful diadem on his head decorated with the rarest pearls, and his arms were adorned with golden angadas(armlets).
and mouth smelt of the finest liquor for Ravana loved to drink.
He wore gold or red clothes made of the finest silk.
He can assume a form with ten heads and twenty arms at will..
though demonic, he was extremely handsome and beautiful in his appearance. He couldn’t stand the fact that Sita wasn’t attracted towards him.
The only reason he didn’t sexually assault Sita was because of the curse he got from Brahma.
Ravana in earlier times frequently used to kidnap,rape and molest women.. one day when he saw the apsara Punjikashtala .. he couldn’t resist her beauty and violently raped her..
the news was given known to Brahma who then cursed Ravana that if he were ever to sexually assault any woman then his head would explode into tiny fragments, causing death.
Ravana was a person afraid of death as it is evident from the battle it-self.. Ravana kept sending his forward one by one and was hiding inside the kingdom like a coward.
his death:
In the final battle with Ravana, Indra intervened and granted his armor,bow,spear and arrows and also his aircraft and pilot-Matali, to Rama…
Rama equipped with Indra’s armor and weapons fought a terrible battle with Ravana, who was also flying on his aircraft in the skies!
Rama showered hundreds of arrows on Ravana, and Ravana too showered many hundreds of arrows, maces and discusses on Rama… yet the two titans stood unshaken like mountains!
They destroyed the flag staffs of one another and showered arrows on the aircraft and pilot of one another.
Rama in an attempt to slay Ravana chopped off his head with an arrow … but to his surprise another head cropped up from his shoulders!
Rama chopped off of Ravana’s head hundreds of times each time a new one cropped up.
Then the pilot, Matali, reminded Rama to use the mystic missile crafted by the grandfather of all gods, Brahma him-self, to slay Ravana.
Rama then took hold of that blazing missile which was formerly crafted for the king of gods, Indra .In its feathers was the wind, in its arrow-head was the burning sun!, its weight was that of the mountains Meru and Mandara, its shaft was made of the sky!
Adorned in gold and with its fletching made of Garuda’s feathers, it blazed like the fire at the time of universal dissolution, enveloped in smokes and flames capable of destroying millions! It had given in its former times perennial feed to vultures, crows, jackals and other scavengers! It resembled the rod of Yama, the god of death, smeared with the blood of its victims, coated with their marrow and fat, it looked terrible in all aspects!
Rama placing the missile on his bow causing fear in the hearts of all stretched his bow-string till his ear and launched the missile! Resembling the rod of death, the missile struck Ravana in his chest and tore his heart off! From his hands his bow and arrow slowly sipped away as he took his last breath falling down from his aircraft plummeting to the ground…



The Fifth Age




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