Arsalan Roshinal

In the utopian society of the Age of Legends, the concept of a spy did not exist as their world was transparent and based on trust among its members. The idea of spying involved deceit and covert operations, which would be antithetical to the open and honest nature of their Age.

In the Age of Legends, Arsalan Roshinal was a Diplomat between Dominions and Lord of Messages and Intermediary between Governors. In this he was quite infamous as a cunning and manipulative representative, but he never earned a third name, as the role of a diplomat was not the sort of field one could distinguish themselves as a public servant. However, Arsalan was noted as the third most powerful channeler alive, trailing only shortly behind Lews Therin Telamon and Alinur Sarin Drenai. This alone should have offered some prestige, but he seemed to lack an apparent talent with the One Power beyond simple strength. At least, he lacked a talent that could be publicized.

As a channeler, he was a master of compulsion and mind control that allowed him to manipulate people’s thoughts and actions. However, he could not readily share such a skill. Therefore, if he was known for anything, it was his lesser talent of creating illusions, which he used to disguise himself or to create false environments that could deceive his enemies. Jole Addam outstripped him even in this skill, however, and they did not award third names to two men for the same ability.

If cunning and power could not distinguish Arsalan, then his handsome appearance should. He was widely believed to be the most attractive man in the world, something he used to his great advantage as a diplomat, but neither his mind, his power, nor his looks were enough to place him on the pedestal he sought.

The War of Power

When war broke, Arsalan transitioned into the role of a proper spy where his cunning, manipulation and compulsion was put to good use. However, Lews Therin forbade the use of compulsion among the Light’s followers, almost as if the declaration was meant to demean him specifically. It incited Arsalan’s already deep resentment of Lews Therin, whom he believed was purposefully disparaging him. Jealousy and resentment was inflamed, and the temptations of the Dark One promised him glory and power. He readily swore to the Shadow without a second thought.

Finally, it seemed that he was set on the path to receive the recognition he was due. Arsalan was given the freedom to be a ruthless general of the Shadow’s armies, where his reputation only grew more sinister as tales of his betrayal and cruelty spread throughout the land. He was known for his tactical brilliance and his ability to manipulate entire battalions through his compulsion. In addition, Arsalan also engaged in political maneuvering and assassination, using his skills to eliminate enemies and secure power within the Shadow’s hierarchy. He was known as “the Deceiver,” and was rightfully feared even among the other Forsaken.

When Arsalan woke in another Age, he found the fallen world to be a new playground and himself was branded with a new name.

He initially took up residence in the city of Caemlyn using his powers to take control of the queen and her court. He first began to manipulate events in the city, then across the entire country using his abilities to sow discord and chaos and position himself for ultimate control. Under an alias, he incited a rebellion; however, before he could seize final control, he was driven from the city by the Dragon Reborn.

After regrouping, he journeyed across the nations using similar machinations to persuade rulers to want to submit to the ever-creeping influence of the Seanchan including Tarabon, Altara and Murandy. Meanwhile, he continued his former physical relationships with two notable conquests among the Forsaken. It was widely said that Raviel was as handsome as Evelara was beautiful. They had each other, and enjoyed themselves as they did. Gaemori came to see him once after her resurrection, insanely thinking that he would so much as share the same room with her as they once shared sheets. He regrets not killing her for the insult.

Once the lands were firmly distracted by the growing threat of the Seanchan, Raviel turned to the borderlands itself. The shadow was undertaking great projects in the Blight, and the borderlands were required territories for their expansion.

Of course, the grand jewel in the borderlands was always Shienar, and Raviel always liked to collect shiny things.


Arsalan was said to be as handsome as Evelara was beautiful with an insatiable appetite for the company of beautiful women. He had black hair and was dark of complexion with nearly black eyes. He was said to be the most handsome man in the world until Galad barely eclipsed him.

He much preferred diplomacy over outright attack and he frequently used compulsion and subtle manipulation instead of force, but he had a thirst for power and was a surprisingly excellent ruler apart from his distracting appetites. When his cool is disturbed, he is cruelly savage to respond. Despite his incredible strength in the power, being third among men in the Age of Legends, he wasn’t particularly prominent among them, though he does not overly resent their opinions. He simply knows he is better.

The legends of the 3rd Age refer to him as The Deceiver, Raviel.

Ironically, it is Raviel’s fate in each life is to become disfigured in some manner.


Ravens and Rats (Fal Moran, Shienar; 3rd Age)




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