The History of the World

Years have passed since the cleansing of saidin, and the world is tentatively held by the Dragon’s Peace and Aiel. Great swathes of the coast remain under Seanchan control, and their influence creeps further east.

Andor and Cairhein: Elayne remains Queen of both nations, and the political power of each remains strong. They have recently sent military aid to Shienar.

Tear: The Dragon continues to rule Tear, which is maintained by a steward.

Arad Doman: Asha’man Daryen Daimon is king. He has recently signed a controversial treaty of peace with the Seanchan.

Murandy: King Roedran has made a deal with the Seanchan to become High Blood nobility. Lythia Sedai of the Green Ajah tried to thwart this plot however was greviously injured in the process.

The History of the White Tower

Kaydrienne Lindelle, Amyrlin

Kaydrienne Lindelle is the Amyrlin Seat, inheriting the rule from Egwene al’Vere, and was originally raised from the Blue Ajah. She is an astute politician, and has been in resolute power for many years. She was an Amyrlin that promoted peace, both with the Black Tower and with unification of the lands in anticipation of the Last Battle. Her rule was quite strong, but she has been plagued with unlucky support in key positions of leadership. At least four Keepers of the Chronicles have cycled through, including Corele Sedai. Mistresses of Novices have also been many, such as Kekura Sedai. Her policies have largely been successful, but recently, her approach to dealing with the Seanchan have grown unpopular. Namely this has come at the sacrifice of support for the Borderlands. The Blight has apparently been less active in recent years, but many believe this is a calm before a larger assault.

Also unlucky was the attack on Tar Valon during Kaydrienne’s rule. Of course she could not control the attack led by the Dreadlord Arikan, but the destruction of the city, death of civilians, and the subsequent recuperation was a poor outlook. That Arikan escaped was another mark against her.

Current Hall of the White Tower

Amyrlin Seat: Kaydrienne Lindelle

Keeper of Chronicles: Adrasteia Sedai

Green Ajah: Caia’li, Alexabeth, Lianora

Blue Ajah: Rikela, Yelendrian, Rhiann

White Ajah: Broekk, Raqual, Naiara

Brown Ajah: Brenna, Fate, Aubrey

Red Ajah: Kekura, Hyaneth, Modane

Yellow Ajah: Faidella, Esenya, Nyrekell

Gray Ajah: Wyndell, Reloane, Mierelle

The History of the Black Tower

After Mazrim Taim was ousted as a darkfriend, Kaydrienne Lindelle’s brother Michael Whiteraven became M’hael. Eventually he was succeeded by Shadow al’Mere, widely regarded as the Tower’s most competent leader. During al’Mere’s reign, the Black Tower flourished and enjoyed a period of stability and growth, nurturing closer ties with the White Tower due to the efforts of Lythia Sedai. They were both much beloved.

Saidin was cleansed during this time, and the Tower began to open its doors to the first men who would never know the touch of madness.

But stability ended suddenly when al’Mere was assassinated on Black Tower grounds, killed by an unknown assailant. The mystery of his murder was never solved (unknown to all, the dreadlord Arikan was responsible, having infiltrated Black Tower ranks). Thus the Tower was plunged into a period of deep strife.

Roal Tambrin’s subsequent leadership was plagued with unease, haunted by the ghost of al’Mere’s memory. Rumour persisted that he was a darkfriend himself, else that the Dark One’s touch was so deep inside the Black Tower that he was nothing but a puppet M’hael. It was a dark time for both Towers, culminating in a battle brought to the very walls of the White Tower itself, led by the Dreadlord Arikan.

Daniel Larnair, M’hael

After the Siege of Tar Valon, Tambrin was replaced by Daniel Larnair.

The first thing Larnair did was to purge the Black Tower and claim it clean. His rule has been ruthless, including the harsh punishment of Jai Kojima for being seen to interfere in Andoran politics, by melting his heirloom sword and allowing a brutal public beating by Lennox Orander.

Over the last few years he has worked closely with the Amyrlin Seat, Kaydrienne Lindelle, to pave the road for Seanchan peace.

Key Characters

White Tower

Lythia KreanAes Sedai, Captain GeneralGreenShadow (former)
Blake (former)
Turned Darkfriend against her will by Arikan
Kekura din AnorAes Sedai, Sitter, Ajah HeadRedNone
Nythadri VanditeraAes SedaiGreenEleanore
Talin SedaiAes SedaiYellowKaoriDefected from the Tower and stole the oathrod, in league with Arikan
Malaika NieleAes SedaiBrownNone
๐Ÿ’€ Miraseia BreakwaterAes SedaiWhiteNoneBlack Ajah. Missing, presumed dead
ElsaeAcceptedNo Aspirancy declared

NPCs and Passing Mentioned (formerly PCs*)

Kaydrienne Lindelle*Aes Sedai, AmyrlinAkariFormerly Blue
Fate Zarine Dark*Aes Sedai, SitterBrownNoneDaryen’s sister
Brenna Celet*Aes Sedai, SitterBrownNone
Reloane SedaiAes Sedai, SitterGrayUnknown(npc)
Esenya SedaiAes Sedai, SitterYellowNone(npc)
Broekk Calanal*Aes Sedai, SitterWhiteNone
Lianora Sedai*Aes Sedai, SitterGreenKentrillo, Tesswyn
Caia’li jal Norashar*Aes Sedai, SitterGreenVladamirWolfsister
Rikela SedaiAes Sedai, SitterBlue
Aileen Sedai*Aes SedaiGreen
Ellomai SedaiAes SedaiGreenUnnamedHead Royal Librarian in Andor. Head of Eyes and Ears in Caemlyn (npc)
Maylis SedaiAes SedaiGreenKabryn Asoor(npc)
Marjolie SarandAes SedaiRedAuden (secret)(npc)
Lirida SedaiAes SedaiBrownKerenAdvisor in Arad Doman (npc)
Karina SedaiAes SedaiBlueUnknownBrought Nythadri to the Tower (npc)
๐Ÿ’€Lairona SedaiAes SedaiRedArikan (former)Black Ajah. Deceased.
๐Ÿ’€ Rosene SolyanAes SedaiWhiteNoneBlack Ajah. Deceased.

Warders (including NPCs and former PCs*)

Vladamir ArmendarizGaidinCaia’liDreamer
Eleanore AramorganGaidarNythadriBlight veteran, not Tower trained
Kabryn AsoorGaidinMaylis(npc)
KaoriGaidinTalinShienaran soldier, not Tower trained (npc)
Blakeale Darwyn*GaidinLythia (former)Released from his bond, fate unknown
Byron Calanail*Gaidin, DaggerNone
Trista Alquin*GaidarAraya (secret)“Sold” to the Seanchan
Akari Miyakawa*GaidarKaydrienne


Lanie Maddragon*Head of Servants
Nanalani*Mistress of Kitchens
Keio Telerian*Servant
Larissa Telerian*Head Ajah ServantRedKeio’s mother
Gadril Telerian*Head Ajah ServantGreenKeio’s father
Mikel Telerian*BakerKeio’s brother
Merry*Infirmary AssistantYellow

The Black Tower (including NPCs and former PCs*)

Daniel LarnairM’hael
Auden ThaynAsha’man, former Tsorovanโ€™mโ€™haelMarjolie (secret)
Daryen DaimonAsha’man, King of Arad DomanJai (secret)
Jai Asad KojimaAsha’manDaryen (secret)
ArayaAsha’manTrista (secret)
Lennox Orander*Asha’manCorele (former)
Kentrillo Orander*Asha’manLianora
Tayigi Lion FishAsha’manKekura’s son
๐Ÿ’€ Michael WhiteravenAsha’man, former M’haelDeceased
๐Ÿ’€ Shadow al’Mere*Asha’man, former M’haelLythia (former)Deceased
๐Ÿ’€ Roal TambrinAsha’man, former M’HaelDeceased


ArikanFormer Dreadlord and General๐Ÿ’€ Lairona (former)Originally turned to the Dark against his will in a previous life. Born a darkfriend in current life.
Nicole CandraedAndoran minor nobleLennox (former)Burned out Aes Sedai, formerly Corele Taravin, Keeper of the Chronicles raised from the Blue Ajah
ZahirGleemanHigh-ranking Darkfriend
Graciela Armendariz Shienaran NobilityCame to the Tower for aid for Shienar and was turned away. Sister-in-law of Vladamir Gaidin.
YuiHead Servant, Royal Palace of Bandar EbanRetired Aes Sedai. Eyes and Ears for Daryen.


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