White Ajah

Sisters of the White Ajah generally abstain from matters of the world and worldly knowledge, and instead devote themselves to questions of philosophy and truth. It is by far the smallest of the Ajahs.

The head of the White Ajah is called the First Reasoner.

Recent Events


The Sitters

  • Broekk Calanal;
  • Raqual;
  • Naiara Abarrane;

The Sisters

  • Miraseia Breakwater; believed dead, Black ajah
  • Rosene; deceased, Black Ajah
  • Toerlette; rarely leaves White Ajah halls. Toer stepped down from the Hall due to declining health, and is usually found in the company of Chesse and Broekk. Given her mental decline she is likely unaware of the shift in power.
  • Chesse; cares for Toerlette. Chesse longs for a more worldly life, and has reasoned eradicating the Seanchan is a logical step to making the world safer.
  • Annoura Sevamir;
  • Mishele Tirdand;
  • Mari Da’ara;
  • Ninon Sayori;


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