Nikolai Brandon


Age: 63
D.O.B: 1984
Origin: Baltimore, MD
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 80 kilo (170lb)
Occupation: Ascendancy
Reborn God: Hades
Power: 42/42
Experience: Master
Abilities: Channeler
Alignment: Lawful evil

“Sheep do not follow sheepdogs. They follow the grass.”

-From the writings of Nikolai Brandon, 2002
Nikolai is the authoritative ruler of an empire known as the Central Custody of Dominion (CCD). Believing himself to be a god, he has titled himself the Ascendancy, based on his seat as President of the former Ascendant Soviet Union (ASU) and his superiority above mankind.


The Ascendancy is an eloquent, confident man well suited to the public eye. His high regard for proper standards of conduct frequently lends to a stern affect and militant discipline, traits honed by a decade of contemplation in a Datsan monastery, a part of his life largely unexplored by public knowledge, as it did nurture an interest in the deeper aspects of life.

He is not easily prone to anger, and despises rash eruptions of emotion, which he sees as weakness in other men’s ability to focus. As such, it is not to say he is without compassion and justice. Indeed, he is a champion of those who cannot help themselves. In theory, at least. However, as mankind largely brings the woes of the world upon themselves, their plights do not weigh upon his conscious. For this, his reserve and reticence are often mistaken for coldness and lack of feeling in the west. His superior, and often interfering expression further drives the illusion of a dictator’s aura when meeting with other heads of state.

Physical description

Above intense blue eyes, he keeps black-dark hair styled without appearing overly done and frequently maintains neatly groomed facial hair. His hairstyle and general appearance shifts from year to year with the exception of his style, which is strictly business. His public relations team works very hard to maintain a strong, dramatic appearance no matter the occasion. For instance, the cuts of his suits and style of his appearance subtly changes depending on the Dominance. Accessories are minimal. He usually wears the enamel pin of the Executive Office of the Ascendancy, the infamous double crescent, on his lapel.



At thirteen, he was transitioned from public to a prestigious private school where he excelled academically, though was pushed by his parents to take advanced education in history, economics, government, and language. Although he explored Latin, Arabic, and Chinese he never reached fluency in any one language.

Brandon Oil

His father, Alek Brandon was president and founder of an American-based energy company that searched, extracted, and shipped oil and natural gas. By the time Nikolai was a teenager, theirs was a multi-billion dollar company. Nikolai interned often with the company, frequently accompanying exploration scientists and in doing so, intimately learned the concepts of the energy industry.

Harvard Business School

Shortly before his father’s suicide, Nikolai had been accepted into the prestigious business school at Harvard, intending to advance his education in entrepreneurship so to someday take over Brandon Oil. After the suicide and restructuring of the company, he reseeded his acceptance.

University of Bologna

Located in the ancient city of Bologna, Italy, this university is the oldest in the world, founded in 1022. Not only did the travel abroad distance himself from the tragedies at home, but also from the capitalistic country that betrayed all his father sacrificed. Though he only attended the university for one semester, he specialized in studying the philosophy of law, constitution, and government. Ironically, Bologna was also the former seat of the waning Italian Communist Party, an organization that intrigued Nikolai’s long-term prejudices against society. He left the university at the end of his first semester.

Datsan Monastery, Siberia

After abandoning his education in Bologna, Nikolai spent the next decade living the life of an acolyte at a traditional Buddhist temple of education located near the Siberian border with Mongolia. There he likely would have remained, until events sprung him from contemplation and philosophy. The specific events that led to his return to modern civilization are unknown. All that remains of the monastery is a scorched hillside and a lot of graves. Clearly, however, what happened catalyzed his ambitions for he soon transitioned into Russian business while yet confirming, in his mind, his godhood.

Powers and abilities

Superhuman longevity

Nikolai has the capacity to live in excess of a thousand years. Physically, his apparent age is consistent with a man in his late twenties, however his presence, confidence, and demeanor is far more telling of an ancient soul.

Elemental affinity

He is naturally skilled with the manipulation of underworld elements. He can identify, manipulate and control vast deposits of fossil fuels, hydrocarbons, and ore. There’s no oxygen beneath the earth’s crust, and when the temperatures rise to 110° Celsius or higher all organic matter gradually changes into oil. The process takes at least a million years, but he has been experimenting with an instant induction process to expand CCD natural resources.

Elemental manipulation

Due to an innate affinity with the elements comprising the underworld – earth, fire, pressure, and energy – he can dramatically manipulate these forces with complex and far-reaching effects. He must be in the approximate vicinity of such epicenters of force to adequately manipulate the elements to the effect he desires. Sometimes the momentum of his experimentation rages out of control, and the effects can be devastating such as what was experienced in the Dayton Disaster – an accident at a nuclear power facility outside Dayton, Ohio.


Nikolai Brandon has been a world leader and in the public eye for twenty-five years. By now the media should have an understanding of his identity, but he is still a mystery. This for a man who has been described as coming from nowhere. His penchant for dramatic public appearances is well known. His public relations team has orchestrated range from images of the Ascendancy as a game hunter to swimmer to night club crooner. Smoke and mirrors aside, there is a real, if ascendant, man behind the smoke & mirrors.

His first obstacle to leadership was election to the Russian Presidency. He learned early in life that security was essential to success. Therefore, his philosophies transitioned to a shrewd and tactical politician.

“Don’t destroy your enemies; harness them, control them, manipulate them, and use them for your own goals.”

-From the writings of the Ascendancy, 2041

He amassed a vast wealth of information about his rivals, both to keep tabs on competition, but also to maintain information about misdeeds or crimes that may have been committed. He rarely used this knowledge for blackmail, but rather, to earn the loyalty of the powerful. He used their collective strength to stabilize the Russian political and economic landscape and recollect the former countries of the old USSR. By his will alone, the Ascendant Soviet Union proudly emerged, patriotic, prosperous, and solid and not a voice in the world dared object.

“The State does not serve the individual, but the individual serves the State.”

-Millennial Message, Vladimir Putin, 1999

In the five years that spanned his rise in Russia to the formation of the CCD, devastation and carnage shook the globe. Due to his life experiences, Brandon was obsessed with planning for and dealing with worst-case scenarios. While the rest of the world crumbled, his state grew stronger.

Selected Works

Critique of tactical campaigns by twentieth century authoritative rulers: Insustainability of violent rule by fear.
Excerpt from his biography was from one of his earliest works that went on to be published in a small journal that at the time was considered to be posthumously authored.

“An estimated ten percent of the Russian population was at one time imprisoned. Torture – mutilation of men and women, gouging out of eyes, perforating of ear drums, and encasement in nail boxes – was common practice in the People’s Commissariat and often conducted in front of other family members for added humiliation and shock. Effective, but when trainees were led to the torture chambers ‘like medical students to laboratories to watch dissections’ all Stalin accomplished was the breeding of future rebels. Stalin’s power dominated fifteen soviet countries and half of Eastern Europe in reigns of terror to outlast both Hitler and Roosevelt. Had these dictators exchanged brutality for charm, their realms might still remain. Their personal paranoia, taste for sadism, and hatred funneled at a single people group led to their downfall. Sheep do not follow sheepdogs. They follow the grass.”

Comments on the immaturity of democracy and current rule of law
Published shortly before Brandon was elected President of the Russian Federation. The work largely focused on the fallacy of Russia’s failed attempts to emulate US democracy and called for a return to traditional Russian values. It was very popularly received by the Russians. At the time, few gave it little consideration despite the radical calling it proposed, as nobody imagined a foreigner could win the highest seat of power in Russia.

Is American-style, liberal-capitalist democracy truly as unopposed as it seems?
“American-style liberal-capitalist democracy has presented itself to the world as the only legitimate form of expression or decision-making power.” This work explores the validity of that statement.

Correlation analysis of economic growth and government virtue: Proposal for drastic reform
Brandon argues: “Citizens’ steadily rising democratic consciousness and the grave corruption among party and government officials make it increasing urgent to press ahead with demands for political system reform … the backwardness of the political system is affecting economic development.”

This work stresses that the party must keep overall control of its values, but offers a detailed account of how gradual political reform could unfold in three phases over a twelve year period. It suggests that a democratic party’s powers could be restricted and increasing freedom given to citizens, journalists and faith groups.


Alex Brandon – Nikolai’s father to whom he greatly admired. He committed suicide when Nikolai was 18 when the company he built from the ground up restructured and forced him out as President and founder.

Wilhelm Ravid – Seeing the potential in Nikolai, this former Regus inducted him to the Atharim in hopes that he could someday succeed to the office of the Regus himself (deceased).

Garret Ravid – Wilhelm’s son. He was paired with Nikolai as flatmates at the University of Bologna. Intelligent, forward and witty, he was probably Nikolai’s closest friend. It was Garret who witnessed Nikolai’s first wielding of the power, named him a god, and attempted to execute him (deceased).

Armande Nicodemus – He Regus of the Atharim who discovered Nikolai was Apollyon and must be prevented from destroying the world. Armande commanded a Curse Tablet of Hades to send an Ijiraq to disable him in order to launch a violent and gory attack. He would have successfully killed Nikolai if he hadn’t been healed by Jensen James.

Jensen James – An American-born channeler who upon discovering his ability to Heal by a CDPD detective, Ivan Sarkozy, brought him to Nikolai for Healing after the attack by the Regus. Jensen was then contained in the Kremlin until sent to the USA on an important mission, although he was ignorant of the motive at the time.

Alric Rainer – Found incarcerated in The Facility, he is the first confirmation to Nikolai of the presence of other gods. A powerful channeler in his own right, Nikolai has earned Alric’s loyalty in exchange for training him.

Nicholas Trano – The Ascendancy’s potential political rival.

Marcus DuBois – Previous Sigma in the Executive Office of the Ascendancy, he was hand selected by Nikolai to the position of Consul of the Custody of Channeler Affairs. He remains a trusted apprentice to Nikolai.

Nox Durante – A former Atharim who unexpectedly encountered Nikolai at the Datsun in Siberia. Upon learning he was Atharim and a channeler, Nikolai assumed Nox was there to kill him. However, upon assurances that was not the case, Nox was allowed to leave alive. Nikolai since encountered Nox two more times, both times Nox saved Nikolai’s life. Finally, Nikolai has decided to tentatively trust the former Atharim.

Michael Vellas – A commander in the CCD armed forces. He and Nikolai are aware of each other’s powers. Michael will soon take over the training channelers for the Custody. He also serves as the leader of the Nine Rods of Dominion, a group of channeler special forces loyal to the Ascendancy.

Evelyn Avalon – An American Congresswoman with whom he fell in love. She is Persephone reborn.

Noémi Jourdain – A new acquaintance that he has fallen into a whirlwind romance.




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