The Muse of Astronomy, Urania


Urania was the greek muse of astronomy and astrology. She wore a cloak of starlight and was adorned with a crown of stars. Her tool was the celestial globe, upon which she mapped the universe with a magical pen.

As one of the muses, Urania was a daughter of Zeus and dwelled in Mt. Olympus. From a young age she shared her father’s passion for the sky, and captured his favor for her frequent pondering of the heavens. An academic, little of her deeds were passed down in mythology, eclipsed by more prominent and legendary olympians around her. Among the muses she was well-liked, but a quiet, pensive person.


Urania was friendly with mortals. It is said that Urania, looking upon the early humans struggling to comprehend the vastness of the night sky, bestowed upon them the gift of astronomy. Similarly, she taught them how to read the stars and predict the seasons, as well as how to navigate the vast oceans using the constellations. Her maps of the cosmos would be used throughout the following Age. Some of Urania’s legacies include Ptolemy’s compendium, Almagest, the maps of the 2nd century astronomer, Gaius Sulpicius Gallus, and the Book of Constellations written by Al-Sufi, a 10th century astronomer.


Urania was considered plain compared to the other muses. Upon closer inspection one may find her kindness mixed with beauty, but appearances were far from her foremost concern. Despite this, she exuded passion for her studies, and thus was found to be charming as a result, and she was not without romantic partners. She had a single son, Linus, who was regarded as a lovely, gentle man with an aptitude for musical song. The identity of Linus’ father is unknown, but the most likely candidate was Hermes as he and Urania were known to be lovers. The other possible candidate was Apollo.

Other lives

1st Age – Danika Zayed, theoretical astrophysicist

2nd Age – Selyna Mythea Atmosfera, researcher in portalistics

3rd Age – Zenitha Saldun, Aes Sedai of the White Ajah

5th Age – Nisaba, Sumerian goddess of knowledge, wisdom, writing and the heavens

6th Age – Urania, Muse of Astronomy



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