Loki, The Norse God of Mischief, Trickery, and Illusion

“So? This isn’t the first time the world has come to an end. And it won’t be the last either.”

He doesn’t have the traits of your classic hero. Although cunning, he was also crafty, malicious, selfish, arrogant, and a sore loser, but the tales portray him as a playful, if helpful, coward who was always irreverent and nihilistic. More importantly, he was talented. He was said to be able to take any form, and was most renowned among the gods for the use of his magic in this sense. In particular, he was excellent at shapeshifting, illusion, and invisibility. He reveled in the constant defiance of what acceptable standards in society. According to Loki, the gods are “not to be worshipped, but ignored, to be overcome, or mocked.” He had a flair for the dramatic, the comedic, and the ironic. There is also a strikingly artistic side to his personality.

Origin and birthright

The Legend
Loki was originally not of the Asgard world, but rather arrived there to be raised in Odin‘s hall by an adopted family as a child. His homeworld was said to be inhabited by non-human creatures called the Jotunn, a race of giants from the world Jötunheimr who were described as blood-thirsty man-eaters and wielders of dark magic. Both hideous and beautiful in appearance, they had a general overall humanoid shape. Odin was said to have gone to them to seek ancient knowledge. Overall, the relationship between the gods and the Jotunn was complex and embedded with violence. It was with this nature Loki was raised among his adopted family of gods.
For reasons unknown to us, a child was born in a dimension of those evil son of a bitches known as the Finn: a human child born on the Finn world. Long, long ago they could be reached by the Tower of Ghenjei or the twisted redstone door ter’angreal, and seeking knowledge, a channeler, likely Odin as he was known to have dealings with the race, returned from the world of the Finns with this child — whom he would adopt and call Loki.
Although raised by “good people,” eventually his personality and talents developed an ornery streak just like the Finns from his homeworld. Perhaps planned, perhaps not, but after he orchestrated the little accident that saw Balder killed, Odin decided to banish him back to the dimension he originally came from, which was about the only thing that could really punish Loki.

Deeds in the 6th Age

The death of Balder
One of his greatest moments of infamy was that he was responsible for the death of Balder, the son of Odin, the leader of the Norse pantheon of channelers. Balder dreamt his own prophetic death and his parents extracted oaths from all living beings that none would harm their son, but Loki, in an attempt to prove a point about mortality, kindly demonstrated the absurdity of such a claim. Nobody can escape death. The deteriorating relationship between himself and the remaining channelers saw him punished with banishment as a result.
Banishment and imprisonment
He was sent back to the world of the Aelfinns along with his wife, and stayed there for hundreds of years as a prisoner to those Snakes, where they constantly tortured him, feeding off whatever emotional, experiential high they get off human emotion. Likely the presence of his wife watching him suffer added a nice little cherry on top. As a result, he fears and loathes snakes to this day.
Sigyn: Loki’s wife and the mother of two of his children: Narvi and Vali. When Loki was imprisoned following the death of Balder, Sigyn stayed by his side out of loyalty and love. The story of their meeting may be read here.
Narvi: A son of Loki by his wife Sigyn. As revenge for the death of Balder, Odin orchestrated the death of one of Loki’s sons, Narvi, who was executed at the hand of his brother (Vali). It is said Narvi’s guts were used to bind his father in his eternal prison.
Vali: This son of Loki and his wife Sigyn was involved in the death of his brother, Narvi.
Fenrir: A son of Loki’s by his mistress Angrboða, considered the legendary father of werewolves, he was a wolfkin that did not deal with his nature very smoothly. He killed Odin during Ragnarök.
Jormungand: The son of of Loki by his mistress Angrboða. This kid was well accepted as an actual evil monster. Far surpassing his father’s mildly villanous virtues and went off the deep end of crazy. So monstrous and evil was this guy, he was eventually depicted as the great serpent coiling around and choking the whole world. This guy was doom incarnate and the killer of Thor during Ragnarök.
Hel: The daughter of Loki by his mistress Angrboða, which means anguish.

Current Incarnation: Jaxen Marveet



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