The Syndicate is an organized crime group operated by the Kao clan of Singapore with influence and business all across southeast Asia. Their major criminal activities include illegal gambling, extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, and human smuggling drug trafficking, and money laundering. They operate a large number of casinos and clubs in idyllic backdrops of the Asian islands that serves as get-aways for the wealthy.

They have arrangements with the Japanese Yakuza and American Cartels to expand business into Moscow, opening a string of similar clubs within the city. The Russian mafia has been excluded from these deals.

The former operator of business in Moscow was Sheng Lo, with the day to day and handling of all Syndicate affairs handled by Yun Kao, an estranged granddaughter of the Kao clan and a dirty CCPD cop.

Both were killed by Zixin Kao when he arrived in Moscow to take over affairs.

Known Associates

  • Sheng Lo – Leader of the Moscow based Syndicate (deceased)
  • Yun Kao – Leader of the Moscow based Syndicate (deceased)
  • Ursula Wirth – A judge allied with Yun Kao
  • Slav – Yun’s right hand
  • Chadham – One of Yun’s officers
Syndicate Leader, Zixin Kao


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