….then worms shall try
That long preserved virginity.
And your quaint honour turn to dust,
And into ashes all my lust;
The grave’s a fine and private place,
But none, I think, do there embrace.

Andrew Marvell


British father, French mother. He had an older brother, Declan. Primary and secondary school was in a French-Catholic academy, although, by Custody Law, french was only a secondary language. He sang in the boys’ chorus at a very early age. He was seemingly uninterested in cultivating relationships throughout his time in french DVII. Most of his boyhood schoolmates misinterpreted his timid inquisition and disassociation as one of a closeted homosexual who was too afraid to shame a family that once clung to styles of Earldom in the age before Custody annexation. This was far from the truth.  


Dane is soft spoken, and otherwise free to smile. With thin dark hair and dull gray eyes. He has an angular, bony face and narrow build. His manner and appearance lends to seeming younger than a man of his late twenties. Despite a comparatively frail appearance, he has a cool presence that is unconcerned with judgement, criticism or intimidation, a deviation from the anxiety of his youth, and likely correlated to new found abilities. He dresses quite gentlemanly, otherwise, preferring tweed, cashmere and scarves in traditional patterns and masculine, lordly colors. His accent is posh, crisp and defined but tends to oscillate heavily toward a french country upbringing.


A channeler, his first touch of the Power was dramatic and eye-opening. He was the victim of a robbery turned into attempted sexual assault, but the only thing touched was a cold nerve, and he has not known fear since.

Mockingbird’s attacks

London, DVII: Explosion collapses interior of London’s Tower Bridge, the iconic symbol of the ancient city. Twenty-four cars, two buses, and 79 pedestrians fell to the waters below. The total death count is unconfirmed at this time. Investigators have no leads.

Venice, DVII: A barge filled with highly flammable toxic chemicals split in two, and for twelve hours, fire burned across the oily surface of tainted Venetian waters. Seepage continue to plague interior city infrastructure. Ten dead, economic cost and clean up is unknown. Investigators have no leads.

Oświęcim, DVI: The one-hundred year anniversary of Liberation Day to memorialize the mass murders at Auschwitz concentration camp ended in tragedy when uncontrolled fires engulfed the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and grounds, roasting an estimated four-hundred fifty visitors and dignitaries within, including descendants of those to have survived the camp during WWII. More than three-thousand people were in attendance that weekend. Arson has been confirmed, but investigators have no leads.

Belgrade, DVI: Thousands of party-goers lining the city’s club-district ran in panic as missile-like projectiles fell from the quiet night sky. A mass of panicked locals and tourists were shuffled like rats in a maze this way and that through the city center while the projectiles rained down. Sixty-one were confirmed dead and more than two-hundred were injured. Investigators have no leads.

Moscow State University, Moscow: During a showing, the roof of the planetarium at MSU’s Natural History Museum collapsed midday on Saturday. Area school children were on holiday visiting the museum. 

Vishnevskaya Theater, Moscow: Located in southern Arbatskaya. An aerosolized poison was pumped through the old theater’s ventilation ducts and the audience of a sold out house were found dead in their seats at the end of the show. 

Izmailovsky Market, Moscow: A nine year old boy goes missing from a park from which was found the Mockingbird’s calling card. Witnesses saw nothing out of the ordinary. Investigators have no leads. The next day the body of the missing boy was found in the woods several blocks from the Market. He was choked to death, and curiously, his fingertips had been chopped with a single-edged instrument such as an ax. The Mockingbird’s calling card was found tucked in the boy’s hat.

Mexico City, Mexico: This time, in the heart of Mexico City, his calling card was found hidden in a bench in a park across the street from the U.S. embassy that was bombed early this morning.


Dane was a serial killer. He stalked and killed many women who physically looked like the woman he was obsessed with, Aria. Finally, after he returned from Mexico City, he and Aria were reunited. However, before they could run away together, he was killed by Marcus DuBois.

Other Lives

3rd Age: Lord Wilevron Sorioago



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