Wilevron Sorioago

Wilevron “Wil” Sorioago is a High Lord of Tear and the living embodiment of depravity. Driven by a psychopathic nature, he finds perverse joy in his life as a Darkfriend. Wilevron isn’t just evil by circumstance; he’s evil by choice, relishing in pain he inflicts upon others.

To him, superiority isn’t an aspiration; it’s a fact. He believes, without a shred of doubt, that he’s above everyone else. This isn’t just arrogance — it’s his reality. His role as Tear’s highest ranking noblemen allows him the freedom to do almost anything he pleases, which most of the time, is vile. Wilevron’s delight in his dark deeds is purely self-serving. He does not desire rulership, worship, or personal power for the sake of power. He seeks the freedom to practice his art – and a dark one it is – and serves a master that allows him such leniency: Samóch.

Lord Sorioago’s reputation as an ineffective leader is his most deployed deception. Underneath the facade of the bumbling noble lies a singly focused mind, orchestrating events to follow the designs of the Shadow and serve his basest desires.

He stands tall and lanky, his presence commanding yet oddly discordant, like a prancing rooster adorned in regal finery. With a pronounced hook nose and oily brunette hair, often accompanied by meticulously groomed facial hair, he personifies the contradiction of his existence. His attire, always befitting the grand masculinity of his title, belies the twisted nature within.

He was entrusted by the Dragon Reborn to deal with bandits and pirates marauding the plains and coast with a heavy hand, masking his true delight in the chaos and pain such conflicts bring. Publicly, he lauds the Dragon Reborn’s presence in Tear, voicing overzealous approval that paints him as a loyal fool in the eyes of many. Leading the armies of Tear against the Seanchan, his seemingly inept command, riddled with blunders, has stirred suspicion among the observant few. These failures, however, are not the result of incompetence, but rather deliberate acts of sabotage, orchestrated to serve Samóch’s objectives.

His banner is a silver crescent surrounded by stars against a gray backdrop.

Other Lives

1st Age: Dane Gregory



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