It is said that she was never born, but exists eternally. She started off riding on the crest of a wave full of sea creatures, now known as the Milky Way. She rides on a turtle and has a mermaid tail.

A creation goddess who made the Sun so hot that it burnt the moon. She had to constantly sink the sun in the ocean to prevent it from scorching and drying up the Earth.

Though believed to be a virgin goddess, she created twin sons, Tamusi and Tamula, to help in her never-ending battle against the heat. Tamusi worked in the day, slicing off sun ray serpents and casting them into the sky, where they spluttered out as comets and shooting stars. Tamula worked in the night, keeping the sun from shining by covering it with blankets of darkness.

5th Age

Amana was a mysterious goddess who inhabited the river regions of Venezuela, protecting her people with a ter’angreal that hid her realm from outsiders.

Over time, she and her people slipped into the stuff of legend.

It was chance that brought Viracocha to her lands, and she to investigate the disturbance of another channeler. Amana captured him to assess the threat, but in the end they became friends, and later lovers.

Eventually she became his wife, and travelled back to his lands with him. There she was known to the Incan people as the goddess Mama Qucha, a deity associated with the sea and fish.

Together they had two sons, Tamusi and Tamula. Though they were happy, duty bore her home, mindful of her responsibilities to her own people. Her sons went with her, and they also learned to work the ter’angreal that kept her realm safe.

She spent part the year there, and part the year with her husband.

Mama Qucha

Civil War

Upon the outbreak of war, Amana returned home to protect her lands alongside her children. As Virachocha’s people fell into chaos despite his best efforts, he begged her to offer refuge to those fleeing the conflict, and she agreed. Alongside her sons she worked tirelessly to use the ter’angreal to continue to protect them, but in the end the device overloaded. She and both her children were killed as a result.

In grief, Viracocha burned himself out, and was later killed.

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Other Lives

1st Age: Zoya Bokarov



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