Atalanta was born to a human father who wanted a son. Her mother was said to be the goddess Artemis. Her father abandoned her in the forest and she was taken in by a bear of a man, who fought against the gods — and was a god himself. Together they joined in the revolution to free mankind from the terrors of the Gods.

Atalanta was a renowned hunter of gods and beast. She was remarkably fast. She started a school and tradition for her children on an Isle off of Artemida, Greece. Her line, some 300+ generations have lived there, raised their children in the ways of Atalanta and continue to hunt the monsters of old even in modern times.

The tradition stands that one heir, the first born, shall have two children. If the first born were a daughter, she would follow in Atalanta’s foot steps and hunt, the second born will continue teaching the children of Atalanta on the Isle. If the first child were a son, he would be raised by the siblings to continue the traditions of teaching, the second regardless of gender would become heir and follow in Atalanta’s great footsteps.

All children of the heir shall bear the last name of the first name of their sired heir, and so shall it continue on down the line.

Last Few Generations

Current Heir: Zephyr Lelantos
  • Theodore Atticus
  • Iris Theodore
  • Sebastian Iris
  • Cora Sebastian
  • Lyric Cora
  • Lelantos Lyric
  • Zephyr Lelantos

Notable NPCs

Christof Lelantos – Christof is Zephyr’s younger brother and current head of the Artemidia School of Atalanta, and host of their home island off of the city itself.

The Sebastian Family – The second son (third child) of Sebastian Iris became a great business man using the numerous wars of the time to garner financial gain. He used this gain to not only propel the Sebastian line into infamy but also to support the General Atharim cause. The House of Sebastian currently assists in the upkeep of all Atharim efforts. They own hundreds of safe houses and businesses across the world — several in Moscow, London, Beijing, Tokyo, New York City, Los Angeles, and Sydney as well as many smaller towns and middle of the nowhere locations.

Hayden Sebastian owns a bar in London, England and provides safe harbor to any Atharim who needs it. He keeps a safe house above the bar for shelter, but there is no weapons cache or other amenities at this location. Hayden is trained in manipulation of all forms in order to handle the Atharim who seek refuge and sus out any traitors among men. While not part of the Atharim, Hayden does work for them as a contract cleaner and spy.



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