Matías Ángel Amengual


Matías is the youngest son of the Nicaraguan cartel leader, André Amengual. As a young child, he had no awareness that his family was different from others. Yet during this time, visions of terrible things plagued his dreams, and while he yearned for his mother, it was his niñera who comforted him during those awful nights. His mother was a good woman as far as he knew, and he loves her to this day. She was not overly involved in the lives of her children, and he mostly remembers her as a formal woman, devout to her faith, and loyal to his father.


His father, on the other hand, was in many ways an evil man. His love for his family was a reflection of himself. Raising his children to be brutal and iron-fisted meant that he was all the more brutal and iron-fisted. As Matías came of age, he became increasingly aware of his family’s true nature. This awareness triggered a profound internal conflict, as his moral compass was at odds with his loyalty and love for his family. Unlike the ruthless heirs his father had hoped for, Matías found himself repelled by the violence and corruption that funded their lavish lifestyle. He lived in denial for much of his teenage years, attempting to rationalize or ignore the cruel acts his family committed. Matías found solace in his Catholic faith during this time, which offered a sense of peace and stability amidst the turmoil of his family life, but as a result of his suppression, his visions become more vivid and consequential, forcing him to confront the possible outcomes of his inaction. It pushed Matías to realize that he could not remain passive, even as guilt for the future loomed, but he had yet to change.


At 24, the violent world his family ruled was rocked by a tragedy that would forever change his path. While in Mexico City, news of his father and brother’s brutal murders reached him, an event that shattered any illusion of immunity their power might have offered. The murders stripped away the remnants of his denial. Matías was thrust into a period of deep conflicted grief and reflection, questioning the legacy he was a part of and what his family’s existence had cost others. 


It was shortly after, outside the US Embassy building in Lomas de Chapultepec, that Matías’ latent power surged forth in a moment of desperate necessity. As an explosion tore through the structure, Matías instinctively extended his soul, and to his astonishment, the debris veered away from the innocent bystanders, including himself. Before the chaos of the moment barely allowed him to comprehend what happened, he delved into the wreckage alone, using his power to lift and clear obstacles, saving those trapped beneath. This was the day he found a sense of purpose, realizing that he could take direct action to undo some of the damage of his bloodline. He wanted to save lives.


After beholding a vision of a free and peaceful world ruled by Damien Oakland, he sought the man out, believing that service to such a soul was his destiny. Upon meeting the man, he saw many strange visions but most bizarre was that serving Damien would lead him to Moscow. He thought nothing of it, as almost nothing he glimpsed came to pass, yet the myriad visions of Damien living myriad lives suggested that he was a good and valiant person. He was welcomed into Damien’s safety. During this time, Matías learned to harness his powers, and fervently dedicated himself to Damien’s cause.

When Zacarías’s reign over the cartel ended in violence, dismantling the Amengual legacy, Matías’ contributions did not go unnoticed. He found himself dispatched to Moscow. His transition, orchestrated by Damien in an ambassadorship exchange with a Custody-based Rod of Dominion, was less than welcome by Matías, who desired to continue making a difference to a place he now called home, but he accepted this fate and resolutely departed.

When Matías arrived in Moscow, he was greeted by a government official and escorted to a secure military base


Matías’ sacrifice in a previous life earned him status as Hero of the Horn.

The 1st Age – Matías Ángel Amengual

The 2nd Age – Orisen Kaelix

The 3rd Age – Sajir Nareth 

The 5th Age – Gabriel 

The 6th Age – Quetzalcoatl 



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