The Garden

The Garden is the codename for a 100 acre CCD military compound located approximately 65 miles northeast of Moscow proper. It is part research base, training facility, weapons development and an active-duty base of operations for the Rods of Dominion commanded by Michael Vellas

The Garden boasts permanent and semi-permanent structures. Within are offices, barracks, mess halls, research laboratories that are connected to The Facility at the Kremlin, landing and takeoff runways, air hangars, helicopter zones, training grounds and shooting ranges. 

The Garden is operated out of the Executive branch of the CCD armed forces under the purview of Custody Intelligence. While on site, Commander Vellas is the ranking officer in charge. When the Ascendancy visits, it is by helicopter only.

Known personnel and visitors

Michael Vellas – Base commander

Ivan Zarkozy – CCD Detective

Julie Reed – Operator, Intelligence

Carl Kincaid – Analyst, Intelligence



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