Carl Kincaid is 35, married to a woman named Safa, and lives in a small apartment in central Moscow. He is a mid-level forensic security strategist specializing in digital security for the CCD. He formerly worked in the Consulate on Digital Security and Strategy. He has since been transferred to a military based and reports to Julie Reed.

Carl began his career as a security engineer in a private corporation at age 23. Within two years he was running the company’s digital security and under his leadership, successful attacks were nearly eliminated. He made a name for himself in the private realm, and made a good deal of money also. Then one day he was poking around a government website and CDPS showed up. He took a deal that included tracking down some hackers in exchange for no jail time and a contract to work for the CCD for 15 years.

Carl: Carl is summoned to work the night that the news that Asendancy was injured was leaked in order to find the hacker responsible.

Signals and Shards: Carl was summoned to the Executive Office of the Ascendancy to oversee the staged leak of a private conversation between Ascendancy and USA President Dawson.



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