Carl Kincaid is 35, married to a woman named Safa, and lives in a small apartment in central Moscow. He is a mid-level forensic security strategist specializing in digital security for the CCD. He works in the Consulate on Digital Security and Strategy. His immediate superior is to the director-level.
Carl began his career as a security engineer in a private corporation at age 23. Within two years he was running the company’s digital security and under his leadership, successful attacks were nearly eliminated. He made a name for himself in the private realm, and made a good deal of money also. Then one day he was poking around a government website and CDPS showed up. He took a deal that included tracking down some hackers in exchange for no jail time and a contract to work for the CCD for 15 years.
Carl: Carl is summoned to work the night that the news that Asendancy was injured was leaked in order to find the hacker responsible.
Signals and Shards Carl was summoned to the Executive Office of the Ascendancy to oversee the staged leak of a private conversation between Ascendancy and USA President Dawson.



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