The Facility is located 22 floors beneath the Kremlin. It is a secret base of operations accessed by only those with highest levels of security clearance granted by the Ascendancy. There are two access points to the Facility, but only one is actually used. It can be entered from within an unmarked elevator system from within the Kremlin Arsenal Building. Then there is a single emergency exit point tunnel that leads to the surface more than two miles away. This exit is meant to be one-direction only. The Facility operates with a full staff and can contain up to 50 test subjects. Of the short list of people with access to the Facility, only a handful are aware of the emergency exit.

Fallout Bunker

Accessible to all with Facility Clearance

Originally it was a transformed nuclear bunker decommissioned after the Cold War. This area of the facility is certainly the oldest. Nuclear symbols and the Russian alphabet are still painted on the walls. The sleeping quarters for long-term residents of the Facility are located in the bunker area. There is also an open-area training area primarily used by the Rods of Dominion to practice channeling, an on site gym, and food preparation access.

Containment Cells

Restricted access area within the Facility

The cells are made of the highest security and are capable of containing a channeler when they are properly sedated. This area is newly constructed, retrofitted from portions of the original fallout shelter bunker.

The Lab

Restricted only to scientific and medical staff

They were originally charged with investigating the cause of the Sickness, but as that is not known to be the onset of a channeler’s tapping of the Power, they are working to understand channelers at a genetic and molecular level. Dr. Weston is the lead scientific researcher and has full laboratory authority.

Dr. Zayed has a quantum physics laboratory adjacent to the biological/medical laboratories. All new subjects undergo a series of biometric scans, genetic tests, and cellular testing in this area.

This area is the newest construction.

Persons with current Facility Clearance


Consul Marcus DuBois

Commander Michael Vellas

Dr. Danika Zayed

Dr. Victoria Weston

Dr. Morven Kinnard

The Rods of Dominion

Krasivolkya Constantine

Leon Corlinson*

*Test or training subject

Persons who have been involuntary guests of the Facility and subsequently released

Nox Durante – Was released and working with Ascendancy on initiatives related to protecting Moscow from Atharim-related monsters

Alric Rainer – Was released and joined the Ascendancy’s Special Security

Jay Carpenter – Was subsequently inducted into the Rods of Dominion

Ivan Sarkozy – Was subsequently sent to work for special police force and serves as additional Kremlin security for high-profile events such as the Grand Ball

Jensen James – Was subsequently placed under house arrest and restricted to Kremlin grounds for his own safe-keeping. Known by code-name, Iásōn and handled by Special Agent Commander Kaleb Devarona.

Nhysa – Was subsequently released and funneled into SPETs training. Currently operates as a Custody assassin among other black-ops.



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