Basic Stats

Age: 25
Origin: Berlin
Talent: Channeler
Reborn: Mars
Power Potential: 41
Played By: Alric


Alric was raised in Berlin and is of Swedish and German ancestry. His mother, Susana, is a physician and currently works as an Immunologist. His father was in federal law enforcement until a mid-life career change transitioned him to nursing, where he met his future wife. They both continue to work at the hospital to this day.

As a teenager, Alric was an outgoing and attractive young man. For extra spending money, he modeled throughout school. Since his father taught him the basics of operating firearms and other kit, he was comfortable and natural doing marketing campaigns for the military or security companies. In his early 20’s, he continued to model for marketing campaigns associated with private security firms around the CCD.


Alric graduated Gymnasium, a highly-ranked, private German school entered into by lottery. After finishing secondary school, he was accepted into police academy. After graduation, he was recruited into GSG9, but given his successful experience as a model, he was assigned to public relations over combat operations.


The first instance that Alric was aware he channeled was on a Moscow highway. He was on the largest highway in the metro when there was an accident involving a tractor trailer. The accident closed the entire highway for hours, but Alric miraculously was unhurt. The circumstances of the accident attracted attention, and while in the ambulance, he was detoured to the Facility. See: Door After Door.

It was while he was being monitored in the Facility that the Ascendancy found him. This was the first other male that the Ascendancy encountered who could also channel, confirming in his mind that he was not the only god returned.


After Nikolai coached Alric through the grasping of the power, saving his life, Alric’s devotion to the Ascendancy was cemented. Alric’s ability to channel was kept secret and he was placed on staff to work personally for the Ascendancy. For a great deal of time, they were inseparable, with Alric working as a sort of channeling-mole in the background for Nikolai. They were also friends.



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