Celestial Warrior and First of all Messengers


He had a body of beryl, a face like lightning and his eyes like torches of fire, and his arms and feet shining like burnished bronze; and his voice of words was like the voice of a crowd.

The Angel of Death

Gabriel was considered to be the most “human” of the Archangels, often spending his time among them. Humans generally considered him easy to be around, as his laid-back and easy-going personality was calming. Despite this, he was incredibly cunning and could be serious when the circumstances called for it. Due to these traits, he was one of the few beings that could calmly withstand and even understand those with endless cynicism, cunning behavior, sarcastic wit, con-artist natures, even counter-culture beliefs while remaining friendly and empathetic. He was also one of the few that greatly admired and respected the human spirit, the ability to dream, and the noble will of humanity. 

During the peaceful times of his Age, it was rare for Gabriel to become serious or grim, for most of the time he appeared as a humble, optimistic, calm, and friendly individual, but when provoked and angered enough, he could be frighteningly calm and silent while showing his more sinister, cold, and ruthless side; for evil shivers when a kind man loses his patience. Despite Gabriel’s good-natured desire to protect and love humanity, he still had limits. Such as when he continuously witnessed the mortals’ evil, lies, cruelty, greed, ambition, and pride, he became grim, sarcastic, and indifferent to them. He stood aside and allowed their punishments to be handed down to them, believing it to be for the greater good. 

When Gabriel was summoned to take action himself, it was ruthless and quick. It was Gabriel who mercilessly destroyed entire cities whose population threatened rebellion against the highest of their pantheon. It was also Gabriel who was sent to purge the remaining Nephilim following the capture of Samyaza and Azazel and the punishment of the remaining Watchers. He coldly and mercilessly slaughtered a group of humans that warred among themselves so viciously that killed innocent bystanders. For these deeds, and more, he earned the moniker, “The Angel of Death.” Yet he was also the messenger on behalf of the High Ones who carried warning to humans of the coming demiurge. Gabriel, however, was never innately cruel. In fact, he was incredibly loyal and obedient to his orders.

According to Azazel, Gabriel was one of the few who could stand up to Michael in physical combat and hold his own against him. Like them, Gabriel was capable of combating and destroying the Lesser Old Ones. His power was considered to be utterly fearsome as even Azazel and Michael were wary of him when he became angry. Gabriel possessed immeasurable supernatural strength and power, capable of rivaling a cosmic entity or even a Great Old One. He was also more powerful and stronger than many of the chief deities of every pantheon at the time. The stories of Gabriel were later retold by the Greek Titans as tales warning prudence and caution. 


As both a messenger and soldier, Gabriel’s knowledge, intellectual faculty, wits, and wisdom gave him great advantage in dealing judgment. He was aware of knowledge possessed by few others as he had deep and expansive understanding of the multiverse.

Gabriel could psychically perceive sights and visual sensations from other dimensions and from past events, future events, or locations. He was unaware that he was glimpsing alternate realities woven by the Pattern otherwise known as Mirror Worlds. Upon being witness to significant moments in peoples’ lives, known as nexus moments, visions of the outcome playing out on alternate realities came to him. As a result of his ability to interpret these seemingly endless outcomes, he could intuitively judge the characters of those involved.

Gabriel creation of the mysterious arts and forbidden spells could cause space-time destructive force, could cast deadly curses, and even warp reality with a snap of his fingers. He was also one of the few angels powerful enough to perform supernatural effects and phenomena just by using simple gestures. Using his knowledge over the fabric of reality, it was said he could alter or rewrite realities on a certain degree, although this lore was a retelling of his advising others using his prophetic awareness. By manipulating reality and space, he could distort the space-time boundaries, and create portals that could transport people to various places across Mirror Worlds. He was the only archangel that could perform a very powerful, advanced, and ancient type of sealing technique used to imprison others to darkness. It was this skill that he employed to help create Samyaza’s prison in the stars. Notably, he collaborated with Nisaba to map these worlds, and he consulted her regularly. He loved Nisaba, but constrained by his oaths, he never acted upon the feelings.

When prophetic abilities manifested among mortals, Gabriel often interceded to assist with the interpretation of their visions.

Horn Sounder

In the war against the Persians, when the threat of Ahriman was at its peak, Gabriel’s prophetic knowledge led him to the choice of sounding his great Horn, and although the dead was summoned to fight on their side and protect Sheol from being thrown wide open, he knew that it would lead to the downfall of the Archangels, including himself. He sounded it anyway. This self-sacrifice prevented Ahriman from opening Sheol and releasing the previously imprisoned Watchers, earning him his status among the Heroes of the Horn. Among the common people of the Zoroasterian Persian Pantheon, he was known as Vohu Manah, meaning “Good Mind.” 


1st Age – Matías Ángel Amengual

2nd Age – Orisen Kaelix

3rd Age – Sajir Nareth

5th Age – Gabriel

6th Age – Quetzalcoatl



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