Channelers come into rule by force and are worshiped like deities. Their enormous lifespans lead the everyday people to believe they are immortal. The 5th Age ends in bloodshed: the godwars have begun. Throughout the 6th Age, to escape the tyranny of the god-like channelers, non-channelers realize the gods may be killed with the very weapons they created to kill one another.


The godwars were essentially a series of civil wars erupted within each cultural pantheon as channelers scramble for more of their tyrannical power. The violence was so ruthless, that many pantheons beget their own destruction. For others, new gods rose from the smokes of cold battlefields to take their predecessors place. Eventually the bloodshed trickled down to the mortals that worshiped them, and eventually instigated the uprising of the Atharim.
The final pantheon of channelers were destroyed in the great and final war of the Norse gods known as Ragnarök.

Pantheons by culture

Those whose heights of power peaked in the 5th Age.

Here you will find a short description of the various known pantheons of gods throughout the 5th and 6th Ages. See individual pages for additional detail (if known).


Greek Titans

The name “Titan” appeared originally at the outset of the Godwars, which began with the struggle between the ‘Titan’ and ‘Olympian’ deities. Fundamentally, these two factions were just that – factions within the Pantheon. Before the split, they were one and the same.

In a historical context, after the Godwars arose, the name Titan took on a different meaning to denote the original rule of the Pantheon in the 5th Age and later the faction that opposed the Olympian cause. One could call these two ‘factions’ dynasties of their Pantheon.

At the Turn of the Age, after centuries of secure rule under Titan control the old regime was threatened by a new school of thought, which escalated into a full blown civil war, under the name of the Titan-Olympian War. The Titan faction was eventually defeated with the last of their leaders ‘banished to Tatarus’. Thus ended the Titan legacy and gave way to the rise of Olympian dominion.

Those whose heights of power peaked in the 6th Age.

Greek Olympians

The Olympian faction appeared at the end of the 5th Age as a group of channelers seeking more than the undeserved worship as Gods.

Led by the Brothers; Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, the Olympians, discontent with their station aspired to become Gods and Godesses in reality, not just name. At first their actions were secretive, but eventually they gained enough support and their plans became plain. Among other ambitions, the Olympians desired immortality. After years of experimenting, the ambitious venture code named Operation Kronos was launched despite Titan opposition. The operation’s goal was clear: null the effects of time.

Operation Kronos was also the final straw which broke the peace and embroiled the Titans and Olympians in all out war. The start of the war is also held to be the beginning of the 6th Age. Although Operation Kronos was eventually abandoned, the Olympians defeated the Titans and ruled in their place until they were eventually overthrown by the predecessors of the Atharim in the Age of Escape.

Celtic & Tuatha de daanan

See Godwars of South America


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