Lady of Bali

Basic Stats

Name: Kemala
Age: 25
Origin: Bali, Indonesia
Talent: Channeler/Cloud Dancing
Loyalty: CCD
Rebirth: Dewi Ratih, Oyá, Kekura din Anor
Played By: Asc



Her parents bought a small hand-rowed boat by which to rent to tourists or take them on tours up or down the shoreline. As they upgraded to bigger and better boats over the years, Kemala learned how to operate a boat along with them. By the time she was 16, she was a competent sailor. When her father died, she took over the physical operations of the business and her mother handled the books.

Silat (see-lot)

Pencak silat is bela diri, it is self defense, but it is also tenaga dalam, it is inner power.

This style of martial arts originates in Indonesia. The schools are extremely difficult to find without knowing where to look. Most gurus will only teach to those within their tribe or anyone they know personally. Kemala was recruited through her school after her antics for tree climbing became known.

The training is something of a cross between yoga, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi, and is almost completely unknown outside of Indonesia. Proper training incorporates bela diri (self-defense), tenaga dalam (inner power), and the proper behavior of a pesilat (someone who practices silat).

Silat players know black magic.

Mysticism is an important component of the internal focus of silat. A practitioner of silat can break steel bars with their hands, eat glass, and perform other seemingly magical feats. It is said Silat players know magic, allowing them to do things nobody else can do and see things nobody else can see.

In apparent contrast to what the western mind would consider superstition, Silat has highly rational and effective methods of self defense. Their techniques use advantageous positioning through clever footwork, manipulation of body mechanics, and psychological manipulation to overcome an opponent.


Like sailing, Kemala is a competent swimmer in the open ocean waters. In fact, she prefers swimming in the ocean to pools or similar. She has motif of nautical-themed tattoos along her arms, hands, back and lower legs.


She was originally required to be in or on the ocean to channel, but the block was broken with the aid of the Naga.

Her first experience at channeling was to save a girl who fell over the side of her ship during bad weather. She jumped in and used the water to lift the child back to the deck. In addition, she was able to divert the worst of a rising thunderstorm away from their ship. Her second experience at channeling was to divert the worst of an incoming tsunami from her small beach town, which was currently hosting a Hindu water festival.

She was assumed dead in the tsunami because she was taken at the command of a king of the Naga to their underworld terrain where she remained for about a month.

She has a talent for Cloud Dancing, manipulating weather patterns, and controlling water.

She refers to the magic of channeling consistent with the lore of Hindu magics. The various threads she calls Energies, which she accesses using the inner power taught by Silat.

Energy of Water, Energy of Fire, Energy of Wind, Energy of Earth, Energy of Soul


After succumbing to the tsunami, Kemala was saved by a Naga lord who serves the Nāgarāja Basuki, an ancient Naga King of the Waters of Bali. Their kingdom is located in the base of Mount Agung, Bali’s largest and active volcano.

Symbol of the Nāgarāja

She copied the symbol of the Nāgarāja in order to have the tattoo added to her arm. With this, she is able to communicate with other Naga clans or kingdoms as she encounters them in her travels.

She is a naga ally and considers their race among her only remaining friends.


1st Age – It was thought when Kemala was born that she would have stunted growth, but she seemed to overcome the impairment through her own determination. She grew to only 5 feet in height, but pushed herself to grow lithe and strong, particularly due to her activity with silat. She is a competent sailor and practitioner of martial arts, having pursued both even as a young child. She has no formal education beyond secondary school, and engages in culturally appropriate habits according to her upbringing.

She is very closed off from those who do not know her well, perhaps introverted even. But to those around whom she is comfortable, she is a free spirit.  She is dark skinned and often wears her hair in twists or braids. When it is not tied, she slicks into a hard bun. There is an otherworldly exotic presence about her that she capitalized on in the tourism trade. 

6th Age – Kemala was Oyá, the Oshira of storms, change, lightning and winds of the Yoruba pantheon. She was known for her fiery demeanor, harsh bringer of truth and change for the good of all, and was a warrior of female power and leadership.

5th Age – Kemala is the reborn spirit Dewi Ratih (Rah-tee) of The Hindu Pantheon, a Balinese moon goddess. She is known for her beauty and grace. A demon god known as Kala Rau pursued her, but when she rejected him, in revenge the demon disguised himself as a rakasha leader and meant to kill Vishnu. Dewi Ratih warned Vishnu of the disguised Kala Rau, who had secretly drank the immortal sacrament of the gods. When Vishnu beheaded the demon, he survived, though only as a floating head. He continued to chase Dewi Ratih, catching her and her moon. When he swallowed her up, because his body ended at the throat, she would pass through and emerge after a short time resulting in the phenomenon of a lunar eclipse. 

3rd Age – Kemala was known as Kekura din Anor New Moon, an Atha’an Miere Windfinder who became an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah after her clan was scattered and destroyed by the Seanchan. She abandoned the sea to seek the means to destroy the seanchan, and found herself entrenched in the White Tower. She sought to overthrow and replace the Blue-risen amyrlin in order to take a harsher stance on the seanchan truce imposed by the Dragon Reborn.

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