What I destroy, you no longer need.

Oyá is the powerful Yorùbá Orisha Goddess of weather, especially tornadoes, lightning, destructive rainstorms, fire, female leadership, persuasive charm, and transformation. She can manifest as winds ranging from the gentlest breeze to the raging hurricane or cyclone. She goes forth during thunderstorms, destroying buildings, ripping up trees, and blowing things down. Oya is known as a fierce warrior and strong protectress of women, who call on Her to settle disputes in their favor.

She symbolizes a time of upheaval or sudden change, of a destructive and chaotic but necessary nature. This destructive clearing makes room for vibrant new growth. She is a goddess of stormy emotions and tempestuous moods.


Oya is both loved and feared, and for good reason: unleashed, Oya is the Savage Warrior, the Protective Mother, She whose power sweeps all injustice, deceit and dishonesty from Her path[4]. She will destroy villages if the need is true enough, for while She understands everything, She will only accept, act upon, and speak the truth (even when it is hard to bear). Oya is the protectress of women and patron of feminine leadership.

Fiercely loving, she is wildly unpredictable and can change from benevolent, caring Mother to destructive Warrior in the blink of an eye. Passionate, fearless, sensual and independent, Oya is not a Goddess to be invoked lightly and must be treated with respect and care. While She will toss you in Her storms of change, and shelter you in Her caring embrace, She will also strike you down with Her lightning should the need arise. However, do not let that dissuade you from working with Oya, for She is the Strong Woman, the Bringer of Change and Seeker of Truth, who can be a most powerful ally.

Honoring Oya


  • Lightning, sword or machete, whips, Flywhisk
  • The water buffalo, with whom she manifests or rides
  • The number nine
  • Pennies, copper
  • Anything associated with wind (e.g. pictures of hurricanes, tornadoes, etc).


  • Burgundy, purple
  • Maroon, deep dark red
  • Oranges, browns
  • Copper metal
  • To honor her nine children, she wears a scarf or skirt of their nine different colors. Their names are secret, so they are referred to by their colors or assigned titles.
    • Black – Those who are lost and need to find their way back
    • Red – Blood of those who fight on our behalf
    • Orange – Abundance and harvest
    • Yellow – Shield, protectors, avoiding harm, healing
    • Green – Patience, waiting for the right time
    • Blue – Change, hurricanes in the sea
    • Indigo – Seekers of truth and justice
    • Purple – Teachers, wisdom and age
    • Silver – Independence, invisibility and rebellious youth

Take up my colors and when you see them in the sky, know that you are the rainbow and I am the wind.



  • Red stones, particularly garnet, but also bloodstone, tourmaline, smoky quartz


  • Accepted offerings are eggplants, coins, red wine, and cloth
  • She is the daughter of the great Sea

The Wheel of Time

1st Age – Kemala

3rd Age – Kekura din Anor New Moon

5th Age – Dewi Ratih

6th Age – Oyá



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