The Book of Translation is a powerful device capable of transporting plots of land and those who stand upon them between worlds. Its capabilities are vast. In the 3rd Age, the Book of Translation was attempted to be used by the Ogier race to return their race to their home-world. Legend among the Ogier said that the arrived on Earth either during or before the Age of Legends, (2nd or 1st Age), although it was unknown why they arrived at all. 


The Book of Translation is brought to the First Age by a non-human creature called an Arboreal. He arrived at exactly the same moment as channeling was entwined with nuclear weapons testing. See: Arrival thread. This moment is a prelude to a highly probably nuclear war on the horizon.


The Book of Translation requires a key to be fully operational. The key is the activation and use of four dreamstakes currently existing in the World of Dreams. The Dreamstakes are controlled by the Four-Way Pillar, a portal stone device in the land humans call the Garden of Eden. When all four dreamstakes are activated across the planet, the Four-Way Pillar will activate the full power of the Book of Translation. During this time, specific landscapes all across the planet will translate (or swap) with their counterpart locations on the Arboreal home world. It will take more than a month of uninterrupted translation for the process to complete. During that time, the four hot-spots where the Dreamstakes are activated will inhibit channeling, otherwise the translation will break. These translated landscapes will eventually become biodomes protecting the inhabits during a world full of deadly radiation and are what the books refer to as “Stedding.” The Garden of Eden is one type of Stedding, since it is the original location of the Four-Way Pillar.



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