Age: 26
Born: Unknown (Some Midwest state in the middle of nowhere)
Talent: Prophet

Little is known about Xander Mitchel. On paper he was born, obtained his GED, has a valid drivers license for the state of Kansas and a valid CCD Ident. He has no digital footprint, no pictures or known acquaintances.

Xander believes knowing someone’s True Name gives you power over that person. He does not give his true name ever.

Xander sees auras. And in those auras he can see images in some people. The images assist Xander in providing the right incentives and knowledge to con the individual he has marked as a game.

He is currently in Moscow, and after having slipped with his ability working for the Russian Mafia

In Game Personas

Prior Aliases: John Lee, Danny Murphy, Barry Rogers, David Smith, Alex Kennedy, Richard Martin

Alexis Trottier is just one lucky son-of-a-bitch who happened to invest in the right things at the right times (much like Xander did in his own life to make his money) and now he’s traveling the world looking for the next investment. Clean cut and well dressed, Alexis is the portrait of a successful businessman. Alexis speaks with a French accent.

PCs he’s met: Ilesha, Elyse, Rena

Tobias Johnsen is a man of no where. He’s a drifter working whatever jobs he can to make ends meet. Tobias could be a fallen rockstar, down and out. Scruffy but always clean shaven, he’s always comfortable. Tobias speaks with a Dutch accent.

PCs he’s met: Rowan, Mikhail, Armande, Ashavara, Elias

Noah Preston is a rare arts collector. He’s formally employed Tobias and in the context of Elias/Asha’s sea monster arc he is a recluse – doesn’t work with people he doesn’t know/trust. Noah is an Englishman, but travels the world.

PCs he’s met: N/A
PCs who know of him: Ashavara, Elias

Z is the persona Xander uses when he’s being himself and looking for a new mark. He tries not to interact with people as himself, as they tend to ask too many questions. Z has no accent, he’s completely unremarkable, just a guy people watching.

PCs he’s met: Seven

Kristian Osterhagen is a fence of rare antiquities and other fine art. He only deals with big name hauls and sells to even bigger ones. Kristian isn’t afraid to spend money to make money. He has lost his German accent completely, but when excited sometimes slips into German.

Kristian is working for Paval Vasilieva (and the Russian mob). He is also unabashedly flaunting his gifts in the open.

PCs he’s met: Maskim, Pavel Vasilieva (npc), Alistair Bishop, Jensen James, Noémi Jourdain, Rafael Janssen
PCs who’ve seen him as Kristian: Sofia Vasilieva, Nikolai Brandon (The Ascendancy), Myshelov Tarasovich (npc), Daniil Tarasovich, Carter de Volthström, Guillaume de Volthström, Zixin Kao, Colette Moreau, Nesrin Aziz, Adrian Kane, Scion Marveet (npc), Alina Marveet (npc)



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