Sofia Konstantinovna Vasilieva

Sonyechka to her closest friends, and Sofka to her family (or rudely behind her back), Sofia is the youngest daughter of Konstantin Vasiliev. She grew up amongst the titans of Russia’s mafia, and with connections to Moscow’s legitimate big players.

She is defined by two motivations; family, and power.


The Vasilievs are a prestigious crime family who maintain the veneer of old world respectability. Their boom to power and affluence was sped by the collapse of the Soviet Union, when organised crime in Russia reached a fever pitch of strength and influence due to an unstable government. In particular they are known for money laundering, money lending, gambling, fraud, drugs, and racketeering. Upon the birth of the ASU in 2023 the family was poised to open the city’s first casino since such venues had been made illegal in 2009. Nebesa’s Gate is a lucrative and luxurious den of iniquity, and remains at the forefront of the gambling scene in Moscow.

These days the Vasilievs are rich, powerful, and prior to her death in 2046 they maintained a good relationship with Syndicate leader Yun Kao in order to facilitate their illegal interests.

It is rumoured but unproven that Sofia’s father ranks highly in the Russian mafia. He is believed to be the personal friend of Myshelov Arkadiy Tarasovich, the city’s Patron and arguably one of the most powerful men in the world next to the Ascendancy. Certainly the family knows to keep him on side, and the children have always been instructed to mind their manners around him. Her mother is the Privilege Valentin Sulteev’s youngest niece.

Sofia has three older brothers and a sister. At 26 she is the youngest, and revels in her position as the overindulged baby of the family.

The Family Business

The Vasilievs own Nebesa’s Gate Casino, located on New Arbat Street in the heart of Moscow city. The casino consists of four game halls, a nightclub (Zaranitsa’s Dream), several restaurants including the 5* Elysian, a theatre, and a handful of bars, the most popular of which is known as Empyrean.

It is the legitimate base for the Vasiliev’s empire.

Concerning the family’s other business Sofia generally does not choose to get her hands dirty personally, though it’s less from squeamishness than it is a flex of power. She doesn’t have to; she makes others do it for her. She is intrinsic to the intelligence network that feeds her family’s work, using her own informants. When it comes to necessity she’s hard-nosed. At her core is an iron grit, able to withstand the most dire of storms. Given her often petty preoccupations this is sometimes met with surprise, for most assume her interests do not outstrip the socialite scene. Likewise, she has a sharp mind and a good business head.


In the cut throat heart of Russia’s capital, family is everything. Sofia is a devoted daughter, and in particular a daddy’s girl. She will do practically anything for him, even at personal sacrifice and cost. She is generous with time and money, provided she likes the cause or the person – or if it simply benefits her or her family’s ambitions (the enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all). For those she favours in this way, life can be very good.

Her lifestyle is glamorous and jet-setting. Sofia is the public face of Vasiliev charm, and she is often at the forefront of entertaining the important people the Vasilievs must keep sweet. Her own opinions are irrelevant if her father has asked her to do it or if the currying of favour and alliance is important to the family. She is well connected and good at getting the things she wants.

Sofia can be incredibly loyal, but this is mostly reserved for close family. This includes spouses only once bound into the family with marriage. Though she keeps an apartment in Moscow’s Golden Mile, she spends a lot of her time at the family estate in Rublevka, about 40 minutes outside of the city. She rarely spends time alone.

She lavishes attention and gifts on her nieces and nephews, whom she utterly adores. The children can do no wrong.


Of her siblings she is protective, though sometimes even their favour wanes into petty squabbling. The resultant rivalries get spectacularly explosive, however there are some lines she won’t cross, and ultimately her loyalty to homefires always flares anew.

With three big brothers she can afford to be fearless. Sofia’s never learned how to lose, let alone to do it gracefully. She is passionate, vociferous, and gets easily carried away. Sometimes her siblings reign her in; other times they are the match to her gasoline.

Her older sister enjoys their privileged lifestyle without ever thinking about the bloody money their empire is built on. Despite their very different natures they are close. In contrast Sofia has never desired the protection her circumstances afford her; she desires power in her own right, and sometimes this puts her at odds with her brothers, who would prefer to see her sheltered.

She interferes in the lives of her siblings on occasion, particularly Dima, who has a terrible habit of fixating on the wrong kinds of women. She and Dima share an often volatile love-hate relationship, yet those who try to come between them will often find themselves at the receiving end of the combined wrath of both siblings.


In fashion Sofia enjoys tailored suits, furs, and flashy jewellery. She drapes herself in luxury. Though naturally brunette she maintains various shades of blonde, being a regular at the most luxurious salons in Moscow. Her commitment to self-care is exquisite, and her appearance is important to her.

Despite a party-girl reputation she rarely sleeps around. In fact she can be touchy about her virtue. She’s a siren when she wants to be, knowing full well what would happen to anyone who laid an unwanted finger on her. She enjoys being desired and unattainable, and usually takes offence at being slighted, particularly in lieu of another.

She is very good at holding a grudge, and known for it in the social scene. Her dislike of someone is usually righteous; she believes wholeheartedly they have done something to earn it. However, the targets of her vengeance might easily include innocents if the object of her wrath is untouchable. This might be due to their status, power, or even their standing and value to her own family. Either way she is incapable of turning the other cheek. Someone has to pay.

When she makes a vow, she keeps it. Commitment and integrity have great value to her. She holds others by the same high standards, and makes lasting enemies of those who wrong or betray her.


Sofia is easily provoked to jealousy, possessive of those she loves (or considers hers), and has a vindictive streak a mile long when her temper is roused. She enjoys the attention of being desired but genuine relationships are rare. Most fall short of her standards. She dates those who can benefit the family, and would only consider someone with both power, wealth, and connection.

She is equally dominant in her friendships; fiercely loyal, but ruthless when betrayed. Aside from her sister, Alina, she keeps a small group of women in her tightest circle, and woe betide anyone who crosses one of them.

Colette Moreau: A socialite from New York who Sofia has recently befriended


Daniil Tarasovich: Myshelov’s son, a similar age to the Vasiliev children, and therefore someone they all grew up with.


Sofia first sparked as a teenager in order to defend herself, having gotten into a dangerous situation with one of the Vasilievs less salubrious contacts trying to prove herself. Fortunately Alina had ratted out where Sofia would be, and her two oldest brothers arrived after she’d desperately channeled a gun to her possession and shot the man in the leg. Dima beat him bloody whilst he cowered and begged ignorance of knowing who she was. Meanwhile Pavel comforted his sister, until finally calling Dima off. “You heard the man,” he said; “He didn’t know who she was.”

He bid Dima return Sofia safely to the car.

Once they had gone however, Pavel shot the man execution style in the head.

When Sofia grew Sick afterwards she hid it. Rage at the unfairness saw her through. Her block is such that hatred fuels her gift. She can only channel to exact revenge, or in the heat of extreme negative emotion. Her immediate family are aware of what she can do, however she remains unregistered.

Previous Lives

In the 5th and 6th Ages she lived as Hera, Queen of Olympus and the Heavens, Goddess of Marriage, Women, and Childbirth.


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