Valentin Sulteev (ppc)

Privilege of Dominance I

Age: 76
Source of wealth: Banking, real-estate, insurance, investments. Self-made
Education: Doctorate, St. Petersburg State University
Est. 2044 sales: $212 billion
Net worth: $17 billion
Profile: Throughout the 2020’s, Valentin was a good friend of Nikolai Brandon, who was then President of the Ascendant Soviet Union. Among others, they were both founding members of a co-operative in high profile real estate outside St. Petersburg. When the CCD was formed, many of the cooperative’s members experienced a sharp improvement in their careers. Valentin is now the largest shareholder of a bank that controls the Central Dominance’s largest insurance company conglomerate. Their primary client is the CCD state owned oil and gas company. In the 2030’s, he increased the bank’s stake in the company that owns CCD Media, the Central Dominance’s leading media company.
: Government