However, Damien was not any man. What need did he have of a false pride in ego? He was not so foolish as to believe that crushing the Ascendancy – even if he could – would gain him anything more than a notorious death. Even had he managed to survive, such power was nothing but a stolen mantle. Damien had no use for such things. Power was not stolen, it was earned.

Damien, Glamorous Business

Egotistical, dominating and ambitious are the three words that come to mind when people describe Damien. He has always burned with a desire to make something of himself which has not dampened by his time in prison. Damien is a man of principle and philosophy. Of HIS principle and HIS philosophy and he accepts nothing that strays from his belief. He’s 6’2 with a medium muscular build. Long dark brown hair with dark facial hair framing a youthful face weathered and hardened.

Early Years

Damien was born in small the northern state of Maine, USA into a close-knit family. At the age of 2, his parents were forced out of work by the turbulence of the times and would have languished in poverty. However, his father received a lucrative business opportunity from a friend in the Custody.

As a result, Damien spent the greater part of his life in comfort and peace on a private estate of modest means outside of London. Owing to his ambition which bloomed at an early age coupled with an unrelenting confidence, Damien attracted the notice of many of the prominent citizens of the Custody, but found himself at the same time shunned by the upper echelons because of his modest wealth and obscure heritage.

Damien finished his secondary education and spent two years at Oxford studying Political Science before tragedy struck his family back in Maine where his grandfather was murdered leaving his grandmother heavily in debt and unable to pay for treatment for Behçet’s disease which rendered her incapacitated.

Damien and his parents rushed back to Maine just before his twentieth birthday, unable to both support his education and his grandmother. It was not without trepidation that Damien left Oxford, but found that he was unable to support himself.

Back in the USA, he took various menial jobs to support his family. His determination (and no doubt other reasons) attracted the eyes of the daughter of a Senator, Elissa Davis.

At 23 Damien was struck by an inexplicable sickness which no doctor could determine the cause. Frequent fevers and sudden euphoric fits of near insanity came to a head on the fourteenth of Feburary 2038. He planned a surprise Valentine for his girlfriend and awaited her return from work.

As she returned, unsuspecting, Damien was struck with a violent fit of euphoria which increased his daring nature to dangerous levels. Instead of the surprise of chocolate and flowers, he proposed to Elissa. Her father objected and an argument began between the two men, when Damien was filled with indignant rage.

Damien has no firm memory of what exactly happened, but both Elissa and her father were immolated and the house destroyed. Although the evidence was circumstantial and his rage-induced state not warranting first degree murder, the man’s status as a Senator coupled with a string of suspected bribes Damien was sentenced to death at the age 23.

He was transferred to the maximum security prison of San Quentin where the long and arduous process of appeals began. Thoroughly disillusioned, Damien grew disgusted at the corruption and brutality that he witnessed.

His spirit was never dampened by impending death. He continued to study, taking an interest in Justice and Philosophy and quickly became notorious amongst his fellow inmates as a dangerous and implacable adversary.

After 7 years, Damien finally escaped.

Ambassador of Mexico

After some time spent in Moscow, Damien travelled to Mexico, where he claimed to purge it of corruption by freeing it from the cartels. He returned to Moscow upon the Ascendancy’s declaration that channelers existed, refusing the offer of becoming Patron of DVIII in order to seek alliance. He continues to seek bringing about peace to South America.

Later, Damien financed Elias Donovan’s search for the water guardian.

Previous Lives

In the 5th and 6th Ages, Damien lived as Zeus, ruler of the Gods.



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