Basic Stats

Age: 23
Origin: Alexandria, VA
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 6’3″
Occupation: Hacker/Security Consultant
Talent: Cybernetic Brain Implant
Played By: Aria

Psychological description

Sage is the average run of the mill 23 year old. Other than the implant in his head that allows him to connect directly to a computer and thus the internet Sage is completely normal. His parents prohibit him from doing many things so he’s stuck at home studying online which only makes Sage work less. He has no real ambition. He likes information and he seeks it regardless of where that information lies however he doesn’t hack past super secure government sites – defense/nuclear systems etc and he avoids banks at all costs. Sage doesn’t want to be that kind of criminal. Sage also has high stalker tendancy and doesn’t handle emotions well – anger sorrow all send him into himself and into the digital world. He’s addicted to the constant contact to the computer – he even goes through withdrawl symptoms if he doesn’t have his module connected.

Physical description

6’3″ tall with a lean build not any real defining musculature lines. Scraggly black hair and hazel green eyes. Underneath the mop of hair is a delicate scar from his implant surgery. Behind his left ear is a port to ‘hook’ into another computer which he has a wireless adapter specially designed for him plugged in.


Living Computer

Sage was born to two highly intelligent and successful bio mechanical engineers who were the lead engineers at Cyberpoint in Alexandria, VA. They are also the sole proprietors of the private business.
Since before his birth Sage’s parents have been working on technology to enhance once’s brain functionality with an inplant of substantial power to be powered by the body’s own system. His father being the brilliant manipulator that he is talks his wife into using their own five year old son as a test subject – their first live human. What better place to start with than something you have complete control over. Against all the odds Sage fully recovers.
Considering Sage’s implantation a success they move on to a second trial which fails miserably. They try again and again with volunteers of several age groups, ethnicities, gender, etc but nothing seems to work – all test subject either die or become vegetables. There is no explanation as to why. They run tests on Sage – CAT scans, xrays, blood tests, they have genetic tests out with a geneticist friend of theirs, nothing is revealing. Sage’s father believes the only way for them to know for certain is to do an autopsy, so far Sage’s mother has terminated that discussion each time it’s brought up.


The internet is a vast and dangerous place, but when you can literally jack your brain into it, it becomes a whole new world. Sage was 6 when he first discovered that there was a world beyond his home network. At first he only ran across information and people he knew. Then he found an interesting trail of breadcrumbs to follow a hacker had left as some sort of game. It wasn’t hard for Sage to follow those breadcrumbs straight back to the hacker.
The hacker went by the name Grim. He thought Sage was good and they began their discussion of hacking – teaching by doing. Sage never broke any major laws and those times he got caught they weren’t able to track him back home. His implant allowed him to move and think faster than any program tracking him or any human who followed because they had to type. Commands were a mere thought away.
In Sage’s digital history he ran across a kid who liked to write. He was 8 at the time, and the kid was in highschool. While not really of great interest to Sage – the passion drew him in like a moth to a flame. Sage hacked into the kids computer and started a chat session. “Want to play a game?” It was a classic computer line from an ancient movie that still hit the AI world – a movie like it hadn’t been made in years. Sage used the kid’s computer and popped up some random articles that he’d found when looking up what he’d been writing about.
Sage followed the kids internet footprint around and found his true name, Nicholas Trano, and continued to read what he wrote. Sometimes offering him different perspectives on the same subject and other articles that came through his dark web searches. He didn’t really communicate with Nick often, usually Sage contacted Nick. Sage followed Nick everywhere through his career, through the miliary and then his career at VNN. He often deleted rude comments from people bashing Nick Trano.
Nick wasn’t the only kid Sage stalked through cyber space. He met one boy while playing a knock off star wars game that was ages old but still worth playing. Sage never shared his real name always preferring to go by Phaser. But this kid wasn’t quite so paranoid he and used his real name Hayden Kent was easy to track after that. He was about Sage’s age, a year or two younger. But then suddenly Hayden up and vanished. Sage scoured the internet for information and found his death certificate. To say that he was upset was an understatement. He’d never known anyone who had died before – and the kid was younger than he was. It didn’t say what the cause of death was. But he couldn’t let things go from there – he started following his father, Connor, around. He eventually went to Moscow and found a girl – a pretty redhead with flaming eyes if the pictures were anything to go by.
Sage was interigued and followed her only to end abruptly – he had much research left to do on Ayden Hayes.


Sage may have called himself Phaser(Ph453r), but the dark net they had another name for him – borg or in leet speak b0r9, short for cyborg. Sage earned his nickname through rumors. He wasn’t cautious when it came to telling his online friends about his implant. And the dark net liked to gossip just like any other place where people gather. Some rumors said that he was just a computer AI, others claimed he was part machine. The rumors never actually hit the truth despite the fact that Sage said he had a processor in his brain – apparently that was too far fetched.

Going Wireless

(age 18) The internet was part of Sage’s life. But in order to hook in he had to actually be hooked into a computer. So Sage got with one of his hacker friends – a coworker of his parents actually and they rigged a wireless connection into his port. He had to carry his wallet every where with him, but now he could actually go out and enjoy all life had to offer – girls and friends and a real life even though his parents rather prohibited it.
That was how he met the most beautiful blond hair blue eyed wonder and her annoying as shit twin brother. The twins were hanging out at a local diner waiting for their parents to return. They never actually told Sage what they were out doing, but they were sitting at a table laptops in hand and studying. It was a Saturday for gods sake, it also happened to be the biggest prom weekend in Alexandria. Sage ran through his newly acquired internet connection and searched their images but came up with nothing. That intriqued him more than anything else about the beauty.
Sage sat down next to blue-eyes and struck up a conversation. She was shy but oh that smile – he adored it. Aurora was heaven on earth. Sage excused himself while he searched for one of the closest proms attending – seeing that both twins went to school online – stating lots of traveling.
Sage found one and hacked into the school system and created his invitation then invited Aurora and left her annoying brother behind. The girl agreed easily having never been to anything school related in her life. The prom was in some elegant hotel and Sage knew his way around the dance floor. It was a good night – he even persuaded the beautiful Aurora to spend the night in a room he rented for free and it was a glorious night.
Sadly twin brother decided he’d come get her in the middle of the night – while they slept. Apparently it was time to go and their parents were pissed. Sage just rolled his eyes as the pair left. But not before Sage tagged their phones and could follow them around anywhere he wanted. And he did. He followed Aurora up until the moment she died. Yet another death Sage had to greive alone. He also stalked little brother but he wasn’t nearly as interested in him.


(age 19) Sage’s parents had been fighting a lot latly. They had been having no luck reproducing their results and their efforts were leaning more and more towards killing their only son to preform the much needed autopsy. Sage had overheard one conversation in the hall with his mother trying to quell his father’s anger over the subject. She refused to relent. “You persuaded me once, you won’t kill my boy.” Sage heard his mother yell before she slammed the door.
It went on for weeks like that. Sage listened through the house computer systems and their systems at work too. He heard them making plans one afternoon about how they could do it with out his mother finding out. But she walked in crying but she had a solution…another five year old. She laid out a plan.
Sage beat her too it. He lured a kid to their house by hacking a kids game that had them wandering around the city like idiots capturing fake things in the virutal world they lived. Sage planted evidence inside the main frame at his parents work and evidence of their prior failed experiements – being that the experiments were all illegal experimentations on humans. Sage sent an annoymous tip to the police and with in a few hours, the kidnapped kid, the evidence was all in the hands of the police and his parents were taken away.
Sage hacked his way to an independent child and he received everything from his parents company and their assets as if they had died – all thanks to a traffic accident that killed only his parents on the way to the precinct. Sage never claimed any knowledge of the incident, but he’d shared his plan with his hacker friend, Grim, and Sage suspected it was his revenge for putting that shit in his head. The inheritance and the assets he sold of his parents earned him quite the sum of money the only thing he didn’t sell was the building and the server that Cyberpoint had everything else went.
Sage cleaned out the building his parents were using – wiping the servers clean and installing his own new system on top of what they already had creating a massive server that he could protect with his mind and firewalls galore. He used the money and created two internet cafe’s on the first floor of the building he now named “The Den.” The first pubic internet cafe had wireless and wired connection that were charged by the hour and run by one of his hacker buddies. The second was more dark – it was a posh little place like most hacker dens – black walls, colors everywhere, black lights. It was a club for hackers. Even the music suited any dance club Sage had ever been in.
To get into the back you had to know someone, pay a surcharge to use the secure server.

b0r9 part duex

After he had the remaining two floors retrofitted for living spaces Sage went to several of the local hacker dens and hijacked their network and sent every hacker in Alexandria and around the world a safe and secure place to do what they liked for a price. He’d supply room and board for free but they had to pay for the security of the best protection possible around the clock. It wasn’t cheap, and there were only a few takers at first, but as word spread, the den became popular and Sage was starting up his very own collective. And the rumors spread again about the b0r9 only this time it was not one person but The Collective.



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