Sage Parker is a highly intelligent man who was the sole success in his parents cybernetic brain implant trials. They were unable to replicate his success and no one to this day has figured out why.

The computer in his brain allows Sage to connect to the internet at inhuman speeds and do things most hackers only can dream of.

Sage has gone two hacker names – Phaser and The Wicked Truth.


Phaser was Sage’s main persona. Phaser created the b0rg as well as a safe haven for other hackers in Alexandria. Phaser leaked images of the Ascendancy and was later caught. Though they took the wrong man, Phaser was retired and all of Sage’s equipment was commandeered by the CCD. But before the siege, Sage transferred all his personal assets to Nox Durante and Nox returned it upon safe acquisition of Sage’s new identity.

The Wicked Truth

After he retired Phaser, Sage took up the name The Wicked Truth. Wicked now helps Nox in fighting monsters and whatever personal agenda the other man has. The Wicked Truth is rebuilding his personal server and algorithms from the ground up.

Basic Stats

Age: 23
Origin: Alexandria, VA
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 6’3″
Occupation: Hacker/Security Consultant
Talent: Cybernetic Brain Implant
Holdings: Cyberpoint
Played By: Nox


Behold I am The Wicked Truth

Sage’s “Friends”

Sage and his hacker guises tend to follow everyone he meets. He finds information, stores it up for later and may or may help or hinder those he follows. Depends on the situation. He calls those he follows his friends.

Nicholas Trano

Aurora Durante

Nox Durante

Aria Piccolo

Elyse Andersen

Rafael Janssen

Jacques Danjou

Jay Carpenter

Armand Nicodemus

Aiden Finnegan

Jaxen Marveet

Thalia Milton

Hayden Kent (deceased)

Connor Kent

Ayden Hayes

Dane Gregory

Cain Belasis

Cruz Vega

Dorian Vega

Anastasia Vega

Christian Costa

Morven Kinnaird

The Ascendancy


  • Cyberpoint – Sage sold when his parents died in a car crash.
  • The Den – Where Cyberpoint had called home, Sage built two internet cafe’s which folded when Phaser was disappeared.


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