Armande is a 62 year old male warrior and scholar. Originally born in Syracuse, Sicily, he has since lived and studied all over the ancient world. His path was set for him since childhood, grooming him to lead the Atharim as foretold to prevent the rise of Apollyon.

Armande Nicodemus


Driven, passionate, fiery. Sharp of mind and able to focus, against all distractions, on chosen purpose or will. Not trusting of others, yet incredibly charming when need requires, but even then, he doesn’t smile much. Serious. Focused cannot be overstated as a character trait. Incredibly smart, and knowledgeable. Is almost pathological in his intent to know and learn. Will study, dig, research, inquire and gather any and all information regardless of personal cost or health. Expects obedience and focus in subordinates. Very little patience, and definitely not one to double cross. Favorite mantra: “Forgiveness is for children, Forgetting is for the Simple, Work is for Mortals, Knowledge is for the Divine.”

Average height, lean but not slim, hard but not thick, muscular, but not buff. Natural Auburn hair, now greying with streaks of white. Cold, grey eyes. Serious in face, but not grim. Sleek of style. Nothing flashy, but nothing out of place. Penchant for wearing Grey, Black or Brown, never wears color. Confident stride with a smooth gait, yet he walks much faster than it appears. When watching him, he is seemingly walking calmly at a leisurely pace, yet people who walk with him often look like their rushing. 









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