Basic Stats

Age: 24
Origin: Russian father, Dutch mother
Height: 5’11
Occupation: Bartender
Reborn God: Dionysus
Power Potential: 29
Talent: Singer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Loyalty: Neutral
Played By: Thal


Raffe channeled for the first time protecting the patrons of Kallisti from the wolfkin Kasun. Though he managed to diffuse the situation, he sustained serious injuries to his throat in the process. His life was saved when Oriena called in a favour from the Almaz doctor Ilya, however the Healing was badly botched. Thick scars remain, and his voice is diminished to a harsh whisper.

Despite suffering symptoms of sickness soon after, Raffe never realised what it meant — until he later channeled to protect Nox from a gunshot, and Nox explained what he was. He’s struggled to come to terms with the revelation, and wants nothing to do with the Power.

Though many people tried to help him, after several bouts of worsening Sickness, Raffe took matters into his own hands. He undertook a trial at Paragon that ultimately failed. Whilst in the midst of the final stages Sickness, Paragon issued an experimental technology that saved his life.


Raffe met Nox through Kallisti, and the two entered an intense whirlwind romance. Despite warnings from Nox’s own lips, Raffe fell headlong in love. Things later hit the rocks after Nox broke a promise of fidelity.

Ekeziel and Noemi are both old acquaintances; Ezekiel because they often run in the same circles, and Noemi through her past work in exotic clubs. Sámiel is an acquaintance met through Zeke.

Visha he met through his time at Paragon.


Raffe’s original appointment at Paragon was facilitated by Ekeziel.

On the heels of Nox’s confession, Raffe signed himself up for a trial intended to teach his body how to channel, thereby eliminating the risk of Sickness. Still reeling from the confusion of his own emotions he elected to stay on the premises for the duration, cut off from the rest of the world entirely. Things progressed smoothly until Raffe inadvertently channeled, rendering the experimental tech useless before it had done its job.

Meanwhile, the incident revealed that Visha is naturally impervious to the effects of channeling.

When Raffe’s Sickness entered its final stages, Paragon took the unorthodox and illegal steps of injecting an experimental concoction of Visha’s blood. It did indeed stop the Sickness in its tracks, but also severed Raffe from the One Power.


Although unknown to himself, Raffe is a Singer with a strong connection to plants. He is attuned to their needs and able to improve their growth. He keeps an array of plants on the windowsill of his room at Kallisti. He is also inclined to give them as gifts, since they hold great meaning for him. One such was given to Nox, a lotus he refers to as Lily.

Other Lives

  • 1st Age: Rafael Janssen
  • 2nd Age: none known
  • 3rd Age: Araya
  • 4th Age: none known
  • 5th Age: Ananiel
  • 6th Age: Dionysus
  • 7th Age: none known

Rp History

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