Father: Bryan Durante
Mother: Cleo Baxter-Durante
Twin Sister: Aurora Durante

Uncle: Chadwich Durante (Bryan’s brother) – deceased
Aunt: Helena Durante – deceased
Cousin: Lucy Durante aka Sterling Mishina

Important Events

  • Born 8 minutes after Aurora on Sept 23, 2024 @ 12:03am
  • Homeschooled on the road
  • Age 10 started learning all about monsters, tactics and the Atharim lore
  • Age 11 Uncle Jake gifts Nox his knife (Survival)
  • Age 13 First Hunt
  • Bryan takes Nox to his first prostitute
  • Age 14 Uncle Jake teaches Nox to shoot (Damnation gifted)
  • Age 15 Nox is careless and attacked by a wolfkin
  • Uncle Jake takes the twins on a god killing adventure
  • Nox watches his mother being mauled to death by an invisible creature (Hellhound)
  • Age 16 (almost 17) Nox goes to a Methos concert — Sleeps with Jaden
  • Age 18 Nox and Aurora find their father lying in a pool of vomit in their hotel room dead
  • Nox unremorsefully kills a rapist
  • Shortly after their father’s death, Nox falls down a cliff. It looked dire but shortly after Aurora arrived at his body he was doing better
  • Age 19 Nox throws a fireball to protect Aurora from being killed by an Oni
  • For the next year Nox and Aurora stayed in seclusion learning how to use their powers via shared scientific exploration and visualizations through a computer program Aurora wrote
  • They returned to the hunt only to be directed to Moscow to become truly Atharim. On the way to Moscow their plane crashed because Nox got angry and blew a hole accidentally in the plane. 10 people died and both Nox and Aurora suffered from Amnesia

Biography & Game Threads

Basic Stats

Age: 22
D.O.B: Sept 23, 2024 @ 12:03am
Origin: Wichita, Kansas
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 6’0″(1.82m)
Weight: 180lbs (81.6kg)
Occupation: Bouncer/Dancer @ Kallisti, Consultant for Domovoi, ex-field hunter in the Atharim
Reborn God: Ged
Power: 30/30
Ability: Master
Loyalty: Atharim cause
Played By: Nox


Aurora Durante – Twin sister. Their relationship was good as children and grew apart for a while after their mother died and before they both learned to channel. Their separation was hindered by the amnesia caused by the plane crash and their relationship never recovered. Nox regrets many things in his life and losing his sister is #1 on that list.

Aria Piccolo – Atharim partner in Moscow. Upon his arrival Nox met Aria and they formed a partnership which entailed many hunts including a trip to the Monastery in which they met the Ascendancy himself. Aria desensitized Nox to a Sentient’s touch before they both made a promise to kill the other should they go rogue. Nox had to fulfil said promise after Aria went on a killing spree after losing Dane.

Sebastian Volodin – A good friend who he sparred with and learned a few channeling tricks with. Bas and his crew allowed Nox and Aurora to set up a home in an old warehouse in the red light district. A warehouse where Bas died when the Atharim attacked Bas.

Lucas Andreff – Aria’s boyfriend. While Lucas was Aria’s boyfriend, he and Nox shared a love for Aria. Lucas gave Nox his Atharim tattoo.

Emily Shale – A one night stand with whom he walked out on afterwards. They met in a bar in Siberia before heading out to the Monastery. Emily’s parents were on the plane that Nox crashed. He paid out a small sum to the survivors anonymously.

Dorain Vega – an Atharim colleague, mentor and substitute father figure until Dorian betrayed Nox to Yun Kao who tried to kill him. Nox now works with Dorian in Domovoi. Dorian also hired Nox to help his son Cruz learn to channel and protect him from the Atharim.

Cruz Vega – at first Nox was hired to teach and protect Cruz but they have become quite good friends and Cruz is almost like a younger brother to Nox.

Ivan Sarkozy – a good friend with whom Nox has sparred and learned/taught channeling tricks to. They work in tandem on Domovoi cases.

Thalia Milton – Nox first met Thalia in the dream as Nimera. They have since met in person at Jaxen’s Cabarete and have become best friends in their short friendship.

Dane Gregory – Another of Aria’s boyfriends, Nox befriended him in Mexico and returned to Moscow with him. He tried to help Dane but in the end he died and Aria followed him. Nox feels the pain of Aria’s loss since he was the one who brought Dane back to Moscow.

Elyse Andersen – Nox’s first girlfriend who was also Atharim. They lived together for a short time before Nox cheated on her while she slept upstairs in Dorian’s house with Jay Carpenter.

Oriena Rusayev – after waking from his amnesia Nox stumbled upon Oriena at a bar. Their encounter enabled Nox’s memory of channeling. Nox saved her from the Ascendancy’s men at the gala by stepping between her and their guns. He later started working at her club, Kallisti. After his breakup with Raffe, Oriena became more than a friend and aided in tending to the violent and carnal needs of the Horde’s instincts.

Hayden Sebastian – Hayden was the first guy Nox was with after he walked out on Raffe ending their relationship. Haden opened his eyes to what Nox wanted out of his life. Nox promised Hayden he’d to talk to Raffe as soon as he got the chance.


  • Giovanni Cavelli
  • Pyotr Grigory
  • Alex Pirozzi
  • Elias Donovan
  • Connor Kent
  • Ayden Hayes
  • Enrique Salguero
  • Cain Belasis
  • Ashavari Mehra
  • Manix Lir
  • Yuri Obrechennyy
  • Morven Kinnaird
  • Yun Kao
  • Marcus Dubois
  • Viktor Lih
  • Li Tan
  • Nhysa
  • Allan Rikovi
  • Jacinda Cross
  • Gerald Schneider Jr.
  • Zephyr Lelantos
  • Grym
  • Liv Sokolov

Sage Parker – Aurora’s computer friend, and now one of Nox’s best friends. A friend who he could have had a relationship had things not gone the way they did. Sage has used Nox’s name to legalize businesses and profit from (while funding Nox’s deeds).

Jay Carpenter – a fellow American he met at a Methos concert and slew a stryger with. In celebration they drank and slept together in the Vega basement. Jay and Nox continued a text based friendship before once again meeting up to hunt monsters which ended in a glorified teenage makeout session which resulted in a massive blowout of not only their friendship but Nox’s current relationship with Rafael Janssen.

Jaxen Marveet – a man who saw him kill Aria and in the follow up has become a decent guy to have around.

Rafael Janssen – it’s complicated over. Nox and Raffe met at Kallisti where Carmen invited Nox to stay and work. Things were going well, Nox had found a home and then he ruined it by fooling around with Jay. Their relationship ended and Nox is not dealing with it well.

Nikolai Brandon – The Ascendancy. Nox has met the Ascendancy more times than he would have liked. The first two times her feared for his life, each latter meeting the feeling has diminished, especially since Nox started working for the Ascendancy.

Sterling Misina – his cousin. Sterling went looking for her birth family and found Nox. Rather Sage found Sterling looking for the Durante family and connected Nox and Sterling.

Kali – a woman Nox thought was a dranika but turned out she wasn’t. Nox spent quality time with her while he was with Elyse only to have Kali find him again later with several Atharim who were hunting him.

Aiden Finnegan – Rockstar/crush. Nox met Aiden through Sage. He helped Aiden learn how to channel. They are close friends.

Christian Costa – While staying with the Vega’s Christian takes a fond liking to Nox and offers the senior Vega (without Nox’s knowledge) to be the father figure he needs so Dorian can focus on Cruz.

Jacob Dean – Jacob is Noel Durante’s, Nox’s grandfather, best friend. He mentored Nox’s father, Bryan, and Nox and Aurora later in his life. Jacob is now on the hunt to kill the Durante line after finding out Nox is a reborn god.

Ashton Rivers – Ashton siren’s Nox into following him into captivity by the Blackthorns in a Vaia Plus plot to stop his interference with their ongoing project.

15 Minutes of Fame

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