Basic Stats

Age: 33
D.O.B: 08/01/2013
Origin: Dublin, Ireland
Raised in: New Orleans, LA, USA
Current Location: Suzdal, Russia
Height: 6’00”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Occupation: Fantasy Author (previously Comic Book Creator, Lead Singer of Blarney Stoned, and Failed Movie Star)
Reborn God: Lugh
Power: 25/39
Ability: Expert
Talent: Channeling
Alignment: Neutral Good
Loyalty: Channeler, Undecided
Current Relationships: Sage Parker (Boyfriend,) Rowan Finnegan (Twin Sister,) Nox Durante (Teacher,) Siobhan West (Friend,) Dimitri Alexeev (Personal Assistant)
Past Lives: Merdyn Gilyard (3rd Age,) Lugh Samildánach (5th & 6th Age)
Played By: Aiden_Finnegan

Psychological description

Warm, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, Aiden has a royal air about him. Admired for his kind and helpful nature. Energetic, has a tendency to inspire positivity in those that congregate around him.

Driven and ambitious, to the point of excess. Sees the glass half-full and always tries to come out on top. Never minces words, unless he feels someone’s feelings may be hurt. Loyal and trustworthy. Opinionated and headstrong, rarely listens to other people’s opinions unless they act out. Vain and narcissistic with a fragile ego, Aiden cares very much for outward appearances. He can be incredibly arrogant and self-centered at times.

Aiden always acts as if he is in control of the situation, thus expects those around him to obey his commands. He always wants to get this over and done with as soon as possible; Aiden does not tolerate laziness or insolence.

In relationships, Aiden is loving, amorous, chivalrous, and loyal; until you act against his wishes. Once the relationship takes a left turn, Aiden is susceptible to self-sabotage and destructive behavior.

Aiden has an addictive personality. He finds it hard to let go of a high once he has tasted it.

Physical description

6’0”, 170 lbs. Lean-muscular build. Irish and French ethnicity. Hazel eyes and black hair, lightly curled and thick; worn in a shaggy style. Light stubble, although if left to grow out, he could easily grow a full, thick beard and mustache. Thick eyebrows. Angular and sharp facial features, very handsome. ‘Workman’s hands.’ Dresses casually and comfortably; preferring jumpers, woolen pants, peacoats, Chelsea boots, knitted scarves, and paper-boy caps.

Often smells of whiskey, cigars, and a heavy, musky cologne. Deep and rough voice, light Louisiana accent which is odd on the ears when one considers how heavily Aiden’s Irish parents have influenced his vernacular. His left arm is covered in a full-color tattoo sleeve depicting various gods of the Tuatha De Danann; he also has a very small Celtic cross tattoo behind his right ear.


Born in Dublin, Ireland during a violent thunderstorm on 08/01/2013 (Leo. Blood Type: O Negative) and raised in New Orleans, LA, USA. Aiden had a younger twin sister, Rowan. Aiden’s Father, Seamus Finnegan, came from a long line of architects and his Mother, Marie Brown, was the product of a torrid love affair between a vivacious French-man and a rebellious Irish-Catholic girl. Marie would grow up to become a very level-headed Judge, finding notoriety in the criminal justice system. The pair met at Trinity College in Dublin, during the year 2003; they quickly hit it off and married shortly after graduation. Aiden was born a few years later and the small family moved to the States. Seamus bought a parcel of land in Metairie and began building a house for the family; although almost a decade later this modest dwelling would be expanded to five times its size, rivaling any of the older plantation mansions in the area.

When Aiden was 7 years old, many disasters struck the globe. The United States was not spared these tragedies. As sad as it was, some good did come out of it; Seamus Finnegan’s construction company was kept busy during the years of the tragedies and the small family quickly saw their financial situation turn from dismal to golden (around this time is when the family home began its rapid expansion.) Seamus suddenly found himself taking on contracts with very wealthy individuals and even some high ranking government officials. With the new found wealth, Aiden was quickly sent off to the finest schools money could buy and his young mind was allowed to flourish. The young boy proved to be a protégé of the arts; anything involving his hands, really.

At 18, Aiden found himself looking for the right college to attend, while his family’s business continued to thrive. The global recession did not affect the Finnegans as much as other families, despite a decline in the housing market. Due to previous ties, Seamus Finnegan started working almost exclusively for the United States government. After Aiden left University, he ended up working as his father’s apprentice for three years; during that time, Aiden invested all of his free time in artistic endeavors.

Over the next decade, Aiden found a place in the world and became a well-known internet personality. His initial launch to fame was through a web-comic about the Tuatha De Danann, Ireland’s very own pre-Christian pantheon of Gods, with a cyber-punk twist; young adults ate it up and started tracking everything the Aiden did. The subsequent years after the comic saw Aiden exploring many new art forms. The greatest success he found was in music. Aiden formed an Irish-punk band, named Blarney Stoned, which was met with critical acclaim amongst online critics. The group stayed together for 5 years and 3 studio albums before separating due to ‘artistic differences.’

The real reason the group split was due in part to Aiden’s wandering eye. Before the group’s inception, Aiden had been in a committed relationship with his best friend, Kyle Rice. Kyle would go on to be the band’s drummer and his relationship with Aiden spawned many of the group’s hit songs. One night after a show, Kyle caught Aiden in bed with a fan and the group promptly split; the other members wandering off to start their own projects, Aiden looking to make a name for himself with new artistic mediums. The story never made it to the tabloids because of a few well-placed bribes on Seamus Finnegan’s part.

(Left to Right: Aiden Finnegan, Mark Wrath [Aiden’s Publicist], and Kyle Rice)

By 30, Aiden was named number 5 in Forbe’s annual list of ‘Top 20 Young Millionaires to Watch.’ He commanded an impressive list of accomplishments that had generated countless royalty checks. Aiden  had starred in a very successful BBC drama, played the title role in a Broadway revival of Phantom of the Opera, authored three best-selling fantasy novels, had a collection of his own pottery pieces featured at the Louvre, directed five indie films, mastered several languages, and remained a constant source of tabloid rumors (although they still hadn’t discovered the truth behind Blarney Stoned’s split.) It seemed that there was nothing that Aiden Finnegan couldn’t do. He was easily pulling in nine figures a year through his work. Aiden was living a blessed life until he suddenly fell into a coma in February of the year 2043.

Aiden did not come out of his coma until Christmas day of 2044. In those 2 years, new, young faces had replaced him in the media and on the world stage. Without pause, Aiden immediately tried to jump back into the entertainment business. He moved to Los Angeles, CA and secured a leading role in a big-budget movie due out the following year. The movie was met with plenty of praise, but every review of Aiden’s performance was dismal at best. Seeking to cash in, Kyle Rice emerged from the shadows and sold his story to TMZ, resulting in endless shame on Aiden’s part. A month after the film’s release, Aiden slipped into depression and became a recluse, not responding to the frequent calls from his parents and those that had once been close to him. His art fell to the wayside and the world seemed to grow dimmer.

Like so many depressed, wealthy people, Aiden turned to drugs and alcohol in an effort to drown his emotions. He developed a heavy addiction to cocaine and methamphetamines; about a year after his descent into depression, Aiden was checked in to a well-known rehab clinic. He emerged six months later a clean man. That was when he decided to take control of his life. After much contemplation, Aiden decided to leave the United States. He did not tell anyone he was leaving, nor where he was going. He wasn’t certain if this would be a permanent move or just a temporary reprieve, but there was something deep down inside of him that was pushing him to go. So, one night Aiden boarded a plane for Moscow. He wanted to escape the public eye and countless scrutiny of American life, where better to do so than the States’ natural born enemy?

Aiden took to life in Moscow with ease. Like his father, he purchased a plot of land outside the heavy confines of the city and set to building his own home. In the present day, the house is only half done, but all of the main areas are completed enough for Aiden to reside there permanently. During his time in Russia, Aiden has begun picking up pieces of the local folklore and mythology. When not working on his home, Aiden has been penning a new fantasy trilogy inspired by the Russian stories that he has been collecting during his time in the old USSR. A story about gods reborn on an Earth in turmoil, loaded with plenty of politically charged statements (astute readers will instantly draw parallels between the trilogy’s main character and the real world figure, the Ascendancy.)

Everything started to look up for Aiden… That is until very strange things started happening to him… It was almost as if the events of his novel were manifesting in the real world. Aiden knew that was pure fancy, but every time he finished a scene, something happened the next day that inevitably put Aiden in a situation that played out almost exactly as it did on the page. Several times he contemplated throwing the novel away, convinced the story was cursed, but even Aiden could not deny the strangeness of the situation. If his words were causing a change in the real world, then he needed to see the story through to the end… even if it killed him.

Aiden has been building a mansion in Suzdal and owns a 10 story condominium in Tverskaya, close to the offices of his publisher, Tor. The top floor of the condo is Aiden’s second home in the CCD, while the rest of the property is used as a means to supplement his income.


Aiden can only channel when he is being creative, aside from the spontaneous manifestations of fairy fire (the fireballs that appear around his head) and the unseen hands (the flows of air.)

After a time, he had discovered the block and has found ease in bypassing it through singing, but only if he allows himself to feel the music.

The Block was finally broken when his teacher, Nox, felt threatened by Dorian Vega. The man had reportedly given a weapon to another individual that could easily wipe out Channelers. Panic overwhelmed Aiden and he wove Fireballs without thinking. At the same time, Aiden’s twin sister Rowan’s Block was also broken for a much different reason, although there may have been a connection between the two breakings.




Aiden met his current boyfriend, Sage, when the hacker ripped into Aiden’s personal computer system. The pair started flirting with each other during the VR hacking and went on a date that same day. Since then, the pair have been inseparable. Aiden stayed at Dorian Vega’s mansion with Sage and Nox until recently. Aiden is quite taken with the taller man and has moved him into his Condominium since their flight from the Vega mansion.


Aiden’s tutor in using the One Power, introduced to him by Sage. Their first meeting was… interesting… Since that night, Nox has been avoiding the two men as best he can, although offering tutelage when Aiden insisted upon it. Aiden feels a connection for the man, although he’s not sure if it’s sexual, emotional, or purely professional. Sage and he have expressed a desire to ‘play’ with Nox; the ball seems to be in the other man’s court. Nox ran off, following the flight from the Vega estate, and the two are currently giving him space.


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{under construction}

Dimitri Alexeev

Aiden’s personal assistant, hired within a month of Aiden’s relocation to Russia. Dimitri is the son of Andrei Alexeev, a retired politician and close ally of the late President Putin. Dimitri had no taste for state affairs and dropped out of Moscow University during his final year. A big fan of Aiden’s work, he jumped at the chance to work for his favorite rock star. Aiden had a one-night stand with Dimitri, but the next morning they agreed that there was nothing more there than physical attraction. Dimitri was given the job a week after their tryst, although it was purely based on Dimitri’s skills and not his physical prowess. Since attaining the position, Dimitri has overseen all of Aiden’s personal and public affairs, acted as project manager for the construction of Aiden’s mansion in Suzdal, confidante, and liaison to the outside world.


Aiden’s personal driver. Cooper relocated his family to Moscow at Aiden’s insistence. Cooper is well paid and generally jovial, he enjoys his job and considers it a crime that he is paid so handsomely for having to drive a stretch limo.


Aiden’s faithful hound. Lasher is a good boy and listens to all of his master’s commands. He does not bite or urinate indoors. Lasher is very protective of Aiden.



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