Lugh Samildánach

Other names: Lugh Mac Ethlenn (matriname) or Lugh Mac Cein (patriname)
: Celtic
Associations: The Sun, Skill, Crafts, Art, Oaths, Truth, Law, Magic, Warriors, Sovereignty, Kinship
Signature Weapon: Lugh’s Flaming Spear
Other Artifacts Owned: The Crown of Maeve
Other Incarnations: Aiden Finnegan, Merdyn Gilyard

5th and 6th Age Stats

Parents: Cian Scal Balb (father) and Ethniu, daughter of Balor (mother)
Siblings: Gwydion (half-brother)
Spouses (Lugh had six wives and one husband over the course of his lifetime)Buach, Nas, Deichtine, Echtach, Englic, Rosmerta, and Abcan
Children: Ebliu (daughter), Cú Chulainn (son), Ibic (son)
Residence: The Keep of Gorias (fosterage), The Keep of Nuada beneath the Hill of Tara (rulership), Danu Estates (private residence outside the Hill of Tara)
Official Domains: the Sun, skill, oaths, and kinship
Notes of Interest: …


First born son of Cian Scal Balb and Ethniu during the second half of the Fifth Age, after the Erie Civil War had come to a close. He was born upon his father’s homestead on the outskirts of the Great City of Gorias. He had only one sibling, a half-brother begotten through Cian’s second marriage. Lugh was a Dagda by birth – and a powerful one. He began channeling at the age of Twenty and only had to be shown a Weave once to replicate it. The Druids of Gorias took an interest in him and took him on as an apprentice before his Twenty First nameday.

During his time with the Druids, Lugh soaked up all they had to offer. He had begun to outperform many of his Elders within the space of three years. Lugh left the Druids before being fully inducted into their order. He spent time wandering the Four Great Cities and the Hill. After six months of posing as a vagabond, Lugh came to enroll in the Bard’s College of Murias – where he would meet and befriend his life long companion, Abcan.

Lugh’s time with the College was similar to his time with the Druids, in that he mastered every instrument handed to him and eventually grew bored with the structured life that came with schooling. He left the College before graduating and took to wandering once more, spending the following ten years learning and mastering every skill or talent that took his passing interest.

Cian passed from the world shortly after Lugh’s Thirty Second nameday. Lugh was drawn back to his homestead as the news reached him. He first met his half-brother, Gwydion, on this trip. The pair did not get along. Gwydion antagonized Lugh over abandoning the family for his ‘fool’s errand.’ The pair fought and Lugh was chased from the homestead after dealing a crippling blow to Gwydion through the use of the One Power.

Lost and alone, Lugh wandered once more. During a trip to Findias, Lugh overheard a Herald proclaiming the High King’s desire to welcome new Dagda into his court – the catch being that any new applicants would have to perform a feat no other member of the Court could accomplish. Lugh did not know what he had to offer, but he knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps – an accomplished member of the Court.

Lugh was quickly granted an audience with Nuada, after his parentage was known. After many trials, Lugh was granted a place in Nuada’s court. It was announced that Lugh could do what none at court could: he was able to do everything every member at court could do. Nuada proclaimed him ‘Lugh Samildanach,’ or Lugh Skilled of Many Arts.

After being accepted as a member of court, by High King Nuada, Lugh was taken in by his uncle Cethen. Despite being over Thirty years old, Lugh was still considered a child by Dagda standards – for they were all long lived. Cethen was the High Prince of Gorias and acted as keeper and mentor to his nephew, Lugh. After Lugh’s talents proved to be as great as it was whispered, Cethen aimed to see Lugh succeed him as High Prince of Gorias. During his time with Cethen, Lugh became fast friends with Tlachtga, the daughter of a famous Druid, and his cousin, Lecan. Lecan and Lugh greatly resembled each other in both form and personality. The paired differed in skill; Lugh always outperformed Lecan in all areas.

After five years as Cethen’s ward, Lugh was discharged and fully admitted to the Court. Abcan and Lugh were reunited at this time and rarely spent a moment apart in the ensuing years. Lugh was quickly taken under Nuada’s wing and beloved almost entirely by the Court. Lugh naturally found a rival in the Court: Uscias of Findias, God of War and Patronage.


Where There Is Ruin…

The Tuatha De Cycle: The Spear of Assal



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