Lugh Samildánach

Other names: Lugh Mac Ethlenn (matriname) or Lugh Mac Cein (patriname)
: Celtic
Associations: The Sun, Skill, Crafts, Art, Oaths, Truth, Law, Magic, Warriors, Sovereignty, Kinship
Signature Weapon: Lugh’s Flaming Spear
Other Artifacts Owned: The Crown of Maeve
Other Incarnations: Aiden Finnegan, Merdyn Gilyard

5th and 6th Age Stats

Parents: Cian Scal Balb (father) and Ethniu, daughter of Balor (mother)
Siblings: Gwydion (half-brother)
Spouses (Lugh had six wives and one husband over the course of his lifetime)Buach, Nas, Deichtine, Echtach, Englic, Rosmerta, and Abcan
Children: Ebliu (daughter), Cú Chulainn (son), Ibic (son)
Residence: The Keep of Gorias (fosterage), The Keep of Nuada beneath the Hill of Tara (rulership), Danu Estates (private residence outside the Hill of Tara)
Official Domains: the Sun, skill, oaths, and kinship
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Where There Is Ruin…

The Tuatha De Cycle: The Spear of Assal



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