Early life

Quillon Hawke grew up in the somber environment of his family’s funeral home. His parents taught him the basics of embalming and corpse care, and once old enough to help, Quillon found solace in the ritualistic nature of the work. The macabre surroundings, however, made him an outcast among his peers, who viewed his family’s profession with a mix of disturbance and disgust.

Quillon was neither obsessed with nor disturbed by corpses; he simply accepted death as a natural part of life. His pragmatic view of mortality led him to judge those who feared death as weak, a belief he held until his own brush with mortality as a young adult.

Diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, Quillon’s life took a drastic turn. During the search for a compatible donor, he discovered that the couple who raised him were not his biological parents. This revelation triggered a familial crisis, but his adoptive mother insisted that their bond was stronger than blood. Despite therapy and support, Quillon struggled with his identity and his impending death. He remained on a wait-list for a transplant for several years.

His condition was deteriorating despite the difficult treatments. One night, as he slept in his hospital bed, he was awoken by mysterious man dressed entirely in white, with a white mask obscuring his face, visiting him. The stranger offered to pray for Quillon, promising healing through the blessing of God. Trusting the man felt natural, and Quillon agreed. Miraculously, his cancer was cured then and there. In the moments that followed, he begged to know the stranger’s identity, but the man revealed only that he was a messenger of the Ascendancy.

The Brotherhood of Ascension

The next day, driven by gratitude and a newfound sense of purpose, Quillon visited the Sanctuary of the Ascendant Flame and pledged himself to the Brotherhood of Ascension. His family and many acquaintances soon followed, becoming Embers, the Brotherhood’s devoted followers.

Soon after, Quillon held the level of Novam, the first stage of initiation, and he was a devout member. During a ritual at the Sanctuary where men and women, young and old gathered to unify themselves in song and chanting, he channeled for the first time, an event that always stirred great excitement among the Brotherhood. The stroke of flame was undeniable, and he was swiftly elevated to the level of Aethermancer. 

Later that same day, the Ascendancy saved the city from a nuclear bomb, further solidifying Quillon’s obsession with the Brotherhood’s mission, and now he was driven to full worship of this being. He believed that the ultimate goal was to ascend closer to the Ascendancy and share in his secrets if deemed worthy, but he was not alone in this ambition. As an Aethermancer, Quillon witnessed the savage competition among leaders, especially those who could channel – few of them as there were. He realized that to achieve his ambition of becoming Luminar himself, he needed to pass the trial to become a Veilwarden, which required proving his channeling abilities against another person. This would take time and practice, but Quillon was determined.


The Hall of Stars was a sight to behold, its dome adorned with celestial murals that glowed softly in the dim light. The air buzzed with anticipation as the Novams, including Quillon, gathered for the evening’s ritual. Quillon stood among his peers, his heart pounding with a mix of anxiety and excitement. The Luminar, cloaked in deep charcoal robes, raised his hands to silence the murmurs. “Tonight, we seek the blessings of the Ascendancy. We invite his divine energy to flow through us, to guide us, and to reveal those chosen to guard the veil between man and mortal.”

The ritual began with a low, resonant chant, the voices of the Novams and Aethermancers blending into a harmonious hum. Quillon closed his eyes, focusing on the rhythm of the chants and the pulsating energy that seemed to emanate from the very walls of the Sanctuary.

As the chanting intensified, the  Luminar stepped forward, his voice echoing through the Hall. “Who among you shall channel the divine energy tonight?”

Quillon felt a surge of power within him, a force that demanded release. He raised his hand, stepping into the center of the circle. The Luminar nodded, his eyes filled with curiosity and anticipation. The Brotherhood had gathered for this purpose.

“Focus, Quillon. May the Ascendancy guide you.” the Luminar instructed.

Across from him was Veilwarden Loric, a seasoned channeler about four years older than him. He felt the energy building, and suddenly it rushed into his body like a chasm of fire. With a final, deep breath, he raised his hands, and a beam of bright red light shot outward.

Gasps filled the hall as the radiant energy was unfurled, illuminating the room with a hellish glow. The power was overwhelming yet exhilarating, and he felt a deep connection to something far greater than himself. He channeled the energy with precision.

Loric wasted no time. With a swift motion, he summoned a wave of dark energy, canceling Quillon’s beam. In turn, Quillon summoned his twin shadowy blades of death, slicing through the incoming energy with precision. 

Loric’s eyes widened in surprise, but he quickly regained his composure, launching another barrage of dark energy. Quillon deftly deflected the attacks with his blades, moving ever closer to Loric with each swipe.

Quillon knew he needed to end the trial quickly. Channeling his energy, he transformed his dual blades into a single, massive scythe. The weapon hummed with power, its edge sharp enough to cut through anything in its path. In a final move, Quillon swept the scythe low, catching Loric off balance and knocking him to the ground. Loric landed with a thud, his breath knocked out of him. Breathing heavily, Quillon stood over his fallen opponent, his heart pounding in his chest. 

The Luminar hurried into the floor, his face a mix of awe and respect, and with a voice ringing through the chamber, he declared: “You are worthy to guard the veil between man and mortal. Rise, Veilwarden Quillon Hawke, for you are one step closer to ascension.” 

As the light faded, the hall erupted in applause and chants of praise. Quillon turned in a circle, feeling a profound sense of accomplishment and clarity. He knew this was just the beginning, but it was a significant step toward his ultimate goal. The scythe disappeared, and as he assisted Loric to his feet, the defeated Veilwarden was aghast with fear before hurrying out of the arena. The crowd began to disperse, and the Luminar approached Quillon, placing a hand on his shoulder. Though the gesture was meant to be congratulatory, there was a lingering shock in the Luminar’s eyes. He leaned in close, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Your power is overflowing with darkness, Quillon. Be mindful of how you use it. There are those who will see you as a threat now.” His voice lingered and Quillon had the sudden impression that the Luminar was one such person. The warning echoed in his mind as he left the arena, knowing that the Luminar’s instincts were absolutely correct.


Quillon Hawke is a son of Nikolai Brandon, whom was ignorant of his conception. For several years peripheral to the formation of the CCD, a member of the Memento Mori altered Nikolai’s contraception, rendering it ineffective. Conceptions were monitored and when one occurred, the child was ushered elsewhere. Quillon was one such child. His birth-mother is long gone, and the Memento Mori still track his whereabouts from afar as they track others. 

Quillon is a Veilwarden in the Brotherhood of Ascension. He is 22 years old, and ever since he sparked the ability to channel, he has obsessively devoted his days and time to achieving the rank of Veilwarden. Now that he has achieved that milestone, he plans to use every connection he has to find the man in white, and then, the Ascendancy.

Quillon is the reborn soul of Anubis, Egyptian god of the dead. 



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