Basic Stats

Age: Early-mid 30’s
Height/Weight: 5’8”, 160-165 lbs
Origin: Born and raised in Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Family: Father to two children: Gabriel (Gabe) and Malakai (Kai). Married to Jessika (Thrice) James. It’s uncertain if that marriage is still legal.


Jensen married his high school sweetheart and best-friend, Jessika when they were twenty-one years old. He attended seminary school from which he graduated with a theology degree, always having felt the call to serve others and help heal the hurts of the world. He felt that a life of ministry was the best way to serve in this capacity. Jessika meanwhile studied business administration and marketing at a local university branch campus. He was recruited out of school to preach in a Fort Worth based church where he stayed happily for several years. It was during this time that they had their two sons.

The couple was soon identified by one of their national organization to start their own church in the suburbs of Dallas. By the time Jensen was 26, he was the lead pastor at a large church with a seating occupancy of 10,000 and whose sermons were televised weekly on their subscription-based channel. As pastor’s wife, Jessika oversaw many of the administrative functions of the church, particularly fundraising and outreach ministries. They were very wealthy as a result, but Jensen was increasingly desiring of more because there was an emptiness inside that no amount of love, recognition, prestige, applause or prayer could fill. He was unfaithful to his wife for several years before someone thought to extort money from him. The blackmailer had video evidence of his indiscretions, proof of the worst sort that was sure to ruin his life. He promptly withdrew ten million dollars to pay off the threat, but the video was uploaded anyway and the truth, and he himself, was outed.

He channeled for first time during the confrontation that left someone accidentally dead, and terrified of everything that was happening, he fled the country. Their white Mercedes was located abandoned in Mexico City, and the ten million was never recovered. He was presumed dead.

The Custody

He passed the next four years living illegally in the CCD bouncing anonymously from odd job to odd job. He believed he was possessed by some demon that wielded dark power through him and to protect his family from himself, he never made contact again. Ultimately, Jessika ended up filing for a death certificate so he could be declared legally deceased. Jensen was living in Moscow when he finally met someone who explained what was happening. John Smith was a historian, theologist, and academic whose work Jensen admired for many years. He became something of a mentor and patron.

It was on a fateful night when he was reunited with Jessika that he first healed someone. A trio of teenagers were chased into an ally and Jensen was witness to gunshots. He ran to them and found that one of the boys was gravely wounded by their attacker, a seemingly innocent old woman. Jensen laid hands on the boy and prayed, and afterward, the boy’s wounds closed up and he ran away. Thus was the beginning of what he referred to as a Gift from God, a blessing that he could heal others of all their maladies, wounds, illnesses and disease. This Gift left a blessing of full restoration upon any who experienced it. There was no weakness or hunger afterward, and some have even described a sense of peace as well. Jensen does not tire while using the Gift for healing, although he will tire easily when attempting to use it for any other, even mundane, purposes.

Meanwhile, he met other channelers as well: Tony, Claire, Jon Little Bird, Giovanni, and importantly, Ivan, among others. Ivan was a police offer hurt in the line of duty that Jensen Healed in the hospital. Thus, when the Ascendancy was attacked, Ivan had the soundness of mind to remember Jensen, who was brought to the Ascendancy’s side to heal him and several others, including Marcus, of imminent and horrible deaths.

House Arrest

Such was how he came to the attention of the CCD. Naturally, Ascendancy was protective of Jensen’s Gift, and wanted to keep him secure. However, this led to something of house arrest on Kremlin grounds. He could go nowhere without government escort, excluding during a whirlwind trip back to the United States in company of Natalie and Jay. The story ended with Jensen realizing his wife, who was now the Governor of Texas, was in league with organized crime cartels on a bid to pursue an Independent Texas nation and that she would do anything to obtain power. He was heartbroken for her, and despite the guilt of abandoning his wife and children for years, he left a second time. Jensen was returned to the CCD by Scion where he was finally given the Facility-based assignment to heal others in a more organized fashion.


Today, Jensen has more freedom by means of a body tracker implanted in his arm to move about the city during the day, but at night he is disguised to protect his identity in a white tuxedo, including a mask to block against facial recognition software. He selected to go by the name Iásōn (Jason), which means ‘healer’ in Greek.

Although he remains lonely and unattached, he has had a much more difficult time coming to grips with his faith than he has the Gift, and simply ignores his feelings as much as possible.

He still lives in a loft paid for by John and does much of his healing in the company of a CCD agent there to protect him name Kaleb Devarona. All of his assignments take place at night. He does not know how the government organizes his assignments and readily goes where told.

Iáomai, ee-ah’-om-ahee, Greek

Iáomai is used literally of deliverance from physical diseases and afflictions and so to make whole, restore to bodily health or heal.

Jensen wears his hair shorter than he did while he was in exile and intentionally obfuscating himself. He likes to style it along with maintaining neatly groomed facial hair. He generally wears simple clothing but he always liked stylish suits when the opportunity presented itself. He rides a Ducati motorcycle and throughout high school through to his early twenties competed in dirt bike races. He never won any, but he enjoyed them anyway. Jessika always hated the sport and rarely watched him compete, claiming it made her too nervous.

Previous Lives

5th Age: Raphael



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