The Patron works as a regional governor of an entire Dominance. They reside within the Dominance capital and are responsible for all government affairs within their region. They answer directly to Ascendancy but largely operate with independent authority.

The Dominances are unnamed, and referred to only by Roman Numeral in the order in which they were annexed. Russia, for instance, is Dominance I – also called the Central Dominance. Custody of each Dominance is broadly managed by a Patron. However local cities are often under the control of the new aristocracy that rose to power as surges of wealth flooded into the ASU and so they are completely loyal to the Ascendancy, the man to which they owe their wealth and power.  Otherwise Patrons are not held accountable for their actions so long as their Dominance upholds Central Custody laws and loyalty.

Map of the world Dominances

List of Patrons by Dominance

Dominance I, also called “The Central Dominance”


Capital: Moscow

Patron: Myshelov Arkadiy Tarasovich (65)

Svitlana Valeriyivna Vlasenko

Dominance II

The remaining nations of the former USSR

Capital: Kiev

Patron: Svitlana Valeriyivna Vlasenko (69)

Dominance III

The Indies, Southeast Asia, Australia, Southern Pacific

Capital: Mumbai

Patron: Priya Banahatti (80, close to retirement)

Dominance IV

The Asian Far East, excluding China

Capital: Tokyo

Patron: Hara Ushijima (63)

Dominance V

The Middle East

Capital: Dubai

Patron: Masood al-Rizk (46)

Dominance VI

Eastern Europe

Capital: Prague

Patron: Paweł Piątkowski (55)

Dominance VII

Western Europe

Capital: London

Patron: Edward Northbrook

Dominance VIII

South America

Capital: São Paulo.

Patron: Cássio Machado Antunes (51)



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