Hara Ushijima is the Patron of Dominance IV, and has been for less than one year. She resides in the Patron’s Manor in Tokyo, Japan, DIV, and holds office in the Capital Building. Hara holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the CCD armed forces, and has served in a military function for over 20 years, though she has been considered retired after accepting her civilian post. She is well-liked by the large army and navy garrisons in Tokyo.

At 63, Hara is small-framed, but very lean. She keeps her head shaved and often sports outdated heavy coats and jackets popular among the CCD military some years ago. She wears no makeup or enhancements of any kind, and is considered more of a purist than a relic. She is a harsh Patron, but generally fair, favoring the military in private and public policy.

Hara is a widow, currently single, with no children and one black cat – Major Miau. Her nephew is a high-ranking CDPS officer, while several of her grandnieces and nephews are scattered across most of the CCD’s military branches.


Circling the Sphere Hara grilled Privilege Takeo Onodo on the subject of Nicholas Trano, the Ascendancy, and various matters of state. It is clear there is little love lost between Patron and Privelege.



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