Takeo Onoda (pc)

Privilege of Dominance IV

Age: 34
Education: A graduate from Kyoto University, Onoda was also a ninjutsu, taijutsu and weapons instructor before leaving the University system to pursue his career in politics.
Source of wealth: Gaming, media, celebrity, publishing, and television;
Est. 2044 sales: $4 billion
Net worth: $9.3 billion
Profile: Publisher of The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper; Producer, Host and Commentator of various Japanese television, radio and web programs – though primarily affiliated with CCBS, NTV, The Japan Times and NHK – and Host of his immensely popular plog, “Day IV”.
Born in a brothel in the fallen ward of Shinjuku, Tokyo, in what once was Japan, Onoda has had a prophetic rise from less-than-humble beginnings to the very lap of luxury that has long been the subject of much conversation, along with no few books, films, parodies, articles, documentaries, manga and at least one thriving video game franchise. And, ever the entrepreneur, Onoda has cashed in on every step along the way (case in point, one stone step from his childhood brothel went for $803,2013 CCD in 2034, to an American).
Onoda is also acclaimed as one of the first children adopted by a city – Tokyo. He was then the first child to file for emancipation from a city – Tokyo – and the first to sue a city – Tokyo – and win, for charges of kidnapping, forced labor, child labor and child abuse, among many others. And, as a result, he was a multi-millionaire, and instant celebrity, by age 15.



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