Live your life as a string of jewels, bright and beautiful and of utmost value, for upon your death this alone can not be taken. That way, when life is cheated from you (and it will be), you have had the joy of it.

(pronunciation: NEZ-reen)

Nesrin’s life began on the streets of Cairo. Though she had a father, she was mostly left in the care of prostitutes, and learned to look after herself from a tender age. Unusual gifts smoothed the path to her survival in a dangerous world. Now she is somewhere in her early twenties, and is a woman layered in artifice. Once engaged, she is confident and charming; a story-teller, con-woman, and charlatan to her core. It makes her affable and easy to trust, for few would figure her as a threat. There is something preternaturally compelling about her voice that others are inclined to like. She leaves a pleasant taste. But most would not give her a second glance in the first place.

Beneath is something beguiling and devious that few are ever invited to glimpse in full. Nesrin is a ruthless self-survivalist who puts herself first. Her soul is one marked with the resilience to rise from the ashes.


She sparked young and developed a block quickly, only able to channel to press her will upon others. Desperation improves her control. She will likely develop some illusory talents once she realises other ways the Power might be used. Otherwise she is a Dreamwalker, and has been doing so since she was a child. Mostly she uses it for spying and suggestion.


Balthazar Asquith

Nesrin’s talents were recruited into the folds of the Di Inferi as a teenager, via a seemingly chance encounter with Balthazar Asquith at a university in Giza. Though she suspected a con, she latched onto the opportunity, and through his family she is both educated and well-travelled. She considers Balthazar a friend, but there has never been anything romantic between them, if clearly his parents have pressed upon him for otherwise. Their reasons for that are unclear. He is the brother of Helena Asquith, and a member of one of the most prestigious families in old-blooded British aristocracy.

Upon arriving in Moscow, Nesrin searched out Helena, and approached her for employment at the underground fight club Almaz. She has used her job there to become familiar with the big names and faces that own all the power in Moscow’s underbelly, and where those very same people intersect with the city’s highest elite. Her presence at Almaz is nondescript, which suits her well. Under different aliases she has explored other areas rich with opportunity, such as the Red Light District.

Nesrin has no permanent residence in Moscow (although she recently engineered the funds to rent herself a modest place, it was not with the intention of actually living there, and she rarely stays in it).

Instead she breaks into rich houses and apartments while the owners are away, and enjoys all the luxury they have to offer whilst they remain none the wiser.

All graves are unmarked; all cemeteries full and empty. I am the dancing skeleton at the feast, I am the voice whispered in the triumphant general’s ear: Remember me. Remember death, so that you may understand how to live.

Secrets and Schemes

coming soon ­čśë

Other Lives

1st Age: Nesrin Aziz

2nd Age: Lilis Moiraim, an advisor of no real note in the Age of Legends who used her position to sabotage the forces of the Light.

3rd Age: The Forsaken, Merihem

5th Age: Naamah, Angel of Prostitution, and instigator of the fall of the Watchers, which ultimately led to the earth being wiped clean in the Flood.

6th Age: Angrbo├░a, Norse j├Âtunn integral to the final destruction of the gods of the 6th Age.



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