Gideon Marquis

Born of Henri Marquis, brother to the founder of Zalya Fashion, and Kyra Mavros, a model and award winning fashion designer. With such beautiful parents it was inevitable Gideon would grow up to thrive in front of the camera. His formative years were spent in France, but he started modelling for Zalya Fashions as a child, and is currently the face of his mother’s high end clothes line. He’s well travelled and jets all across the Custody for both work and pleasure. It’s a lifestyle that suits him well, for he finds it difficult to sit still. And when Gideon has to sit still, it usually coincides with a (completely) coincidental amount of trouble.

Talents and Traits

Gideon has perfected the art of smoulder. He is charming, articulate, and naturally good with people, which usually means he is well liked. He has a flair for winning hearts and minds — the devil is a gentleman after all. Socially his reputation is decidedly rakish, yet he is hard to resist despite it, as attested by several high profile affairs. But he has no intention of settling down, usually cheating or revelling in some other drama when he’s done rather than ending things civilly, because ultimately he loves attention as much as he loves women. Despite his antics, he usually manages to retain a friendship with exes. He’s that guy.

Aside from his irresistibility (and humble nature, clearly), what Gideon doesn’t know is not worth knowing. He is a font for interesting gossip, and is happy to speculate on it, though has been known to embellish the information he passes on…

He’s also a channeler but yet to spark. Once rediscovered, he will have a marked talent for Travelling.

Fashion, Fame & Following

Gideon is a star in the world of high fashion, perfumery, and luxury beauty. As well as the darling of Zalya, he is a regular face for prestige brands such as Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Hermès, Dior and Chanel, both in campaigns and on the runway. He takes particular delight in avant garde couture, and does not shy away from controversy.

Most of his life is shared in titillating glimpses across various social media platforms.

“The world might own my body,” he said with a grin, flashing the screen of his wallet to show-off the fanaticism of his social following. “But I own their souls.”


Yet despite his high-flying world he does not keep a large entourage, preferring the exclusivity of a small cohort or travelling independently. He detests being managed and thrives in chaos of his own making, but is surprisingly adept at juggling lots of commitments at once so it’s rarely an issue. The network of schedules kept in his head is frankly astounding, but he rarely puts that sharp brain to use beyond his own self-interests. He’s good at remembering names and faces.


Gideon’s freneticism usually involves him being too involved in other people’s lives. He loves gossip, rumour, and scandal — and has a keen nose for it. When his attention is caught on something, he’ll dig until he finds answers. The persistence sometimes gets him in trouble, especially as Gideon himself doesn’t always take these things seriously, or acknowledges the way it can wreck lives. His friendship circles are similarly in-tune. His best friend is Saelia Marveet.

He has a wild streak and can easily get carried away, especially when drink or drugs are involved — in fact he can go from life and soul to the eye of a storm very quickly if things escalate too far and no one reigns him in or diverts his attention. He is on occasion prone to bursts of temper or childish tantrum, usually when he is frustrated or feels thwarted. Fortunately, being both a pandered only child and a super rich one at that, it is rarely the case. He’s not actually used to people saying no.

Beyond that, he is naturally curious and enjoys learning new things, but rarely sees them through before he gets bored or distracted. For the time he is engaged, though, he is hyper-focused. Gideon’s interests are varied and sometimes esoteric. For a while he showed an intense interest in the workings of Paragon, his uncle’s company, and has read several of Kaelan Müller’s publications on genetics. He’s as likely to make friends with a scientist as a rockstar.

Unsurprisingly, Gideon gets on well with his little cousin, Liam. They share many mile-a-minute personality traits.

Digging Dirt

Naturally, the moment Gideon discovered a glimmer of scandal in his own mother’s past, it immediately became foremost of his obsessions to uncover. As it turned out, Gideon was not exactly an only child after all.

His trip to London culminated in a wild party at a place called Harbour House. Saelia was the only one there who knew the actual purpose of the impromptu party weekend across DVII’s hottest nightspots, and why they somehow ended up in an unknown bar. It was perhaps for that reason alone that when Hayden flirted, Gideon gave her a scandalous grin and flirted back — he found it hilarious.

He didn’t choose to tell Hayden what he knew, and his mother never knew about the trip either. Ultimately his curiosity was satisfied, and perhaps a little disappointed; he had no real interest in connecting with a brother who ran some bar.

Turns out the ‘big’ reason for the secret and cover-up was just that Hayden’s father had only been thirteen when he got Gideon’s mother pregnant.


  • Henri Marquis and Kyra Mavros (parents)
  • Genevre Marquis and Ephraim Haart (aunt and uncle)
  • Liam Haart Marquis (cousin)
  • Hayden Sebastian (half-brother)

Do you remember that time when…

  • Saelia Marveet; one of Gideon’s closest friends
  • Jaxen Marveet;
  • Guillaume de Volthström;

Previous Lives

  • 2nd Age: Ezra Rashka, historian
  • 3rd Age: The Forsaken, Belshazzar, later reborn as Jadis Astarte
  • 6th Age: Herald of the Greek Gods, Hermes


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