Scion Marveet

The patriarch of the Marveet family. He has seven children, two with his first wife, Irina (Maksim and Jaxen). His current long-term girlfriend is Vena Shah. They have no children together.

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Connections: Ascendancy, Konstantin Vasiliev, Vena Shah, Valentin Sulteev, Amengual Cartel, Jessika Thrice, Edward Northbrook


Irina Marveet

Irina is Scion’s first wife and the mother of two of his children – Maksim and Jaxen. They were only married a few years and their divorce was quite bitter and long. Yet beneath the heat of their mutual anger at one another churned the passion that originally brought them together. She married and divorced two other men in the passing years, but was reunited with Scion long enough to have Jaxen. Their tumultuous past continues to ripple through the family, affecting everyone’s interactions to this day.

Irina has a shady reputation and a habit for untruthfulness. She has her own empire but hasn’t been involved in the details of managing it for many years. Irina has thick, dark hair with dignified streaks of gray. In her prime she was the epitome of a strong, feminine beauty that still graces her striking presence.


Maksim Marveet

The promised first-born son whom Scion had the highest hopes. It turns out, Maksim is something of a coward when it comes to the cutthroat world his father lives in. He talks a big game, but always trips at the critical moment. Scion’s philosophy was “when you got fighting dogs, you punish the weak one, and then everyone knows the hierarchy and everyone is happy.” Yet, for all his shortcomings, Maksim is the child that Scion has the highest hopes and is the unofficial heir to the company. Yet Maksim grapples with the weight of expectation versus his own limitations, a constant battle that undermines his confidence.

His two half-siblings, Cyrena and Tarik, are out to take Maksim down. The infamous mistake that led to Maksim’s reckoning might have been orchestrated by one or both of them.

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Connections: Alina Marveet (Vasiliev Family),

Cyrena Marveet

She is the first daughter of Scion Marveet with his second wife, in her late 30s. She is the full-blooded sibling of Ezvin.

Like Maksim and Tarik, she works in her father’s business. In it, she serves as Vice President of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs, which essentially has her in charge of a joke division as far as Scion is concerned and she is constantly frustrated by the lack of recognition. Despite this, she is extremely successful in her role, however expendable that is.

She attained business degrees and was a very serious student consistent with her personality. She is fluent in Mandarin, anticipating that she would use those skills to influence expansion into China, though her expertise with the Chinese has never been utilized. She competes in fencing in her spare time, and has won some prestigious medals in the sport metaphorically symbolizing her business acumen.

Connections: Zhenya Disir,

Tarik Marveet

Tarik is Scion’s second son and first child with his third wife. He lives in the shadow of both his father and his half-brother, Maksim. He is ambitious and determined, quietly resilient, but harbors feelings of resentment for Maksim, whom he sees as a failure despite being the otherwise favored son. Like both his older siblings, Tarik also works in his father’s company. He is Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics, managing the entire supply train and has control over the company’s operations, which has a direct impact on profitability and efficiency. As a result, he has vied for a seat on the Board of Directors for years but has been consistently denied. Within the company, he is always building alliances or expanding his influence among key people. He constantly gathers intel to leverage positions that benefit him personally. Everything he does is to position himself to prove that he is his father’s natural heir in order to eventually take over the company as CEO and Chairman, but Scion does not trust him.

Tarik embodies the philosophy that the ends justify the means, a philosophy that guides him through the maze of morally ambiguous choices and each step taken with a clear eye on the ultimate prize – success and recognition in the shadow of Scion’s legacy. His hunger for success fuels a competitive nature that often skirts the edges of ethical boundaries. Whether outmaneuvering business rivals or securing his position within the company, Tarik’s decisions are laced with a strategic ruthlessness, a trait he wears as both armor and badge. Personal gain and self-preservation are the undercurrents that guide many of Tarik’s decisions. He is not adverse to employing underhanded tactics if they promise to protect his status or propel him forward.

Connections: Daniil Tarasovich, Spectra Lin

Ezvin Marveet

True to middle-sibling fashion, Ezvin wants no part of the corporate drama that swallows up the rest of his siblings. He went his own way and pursued a career in the music industry. He has no outright conflict with any of his siblings or his father, and he keeps a low profile. As a result, some of siblings consider him to be a coward. Cyrena is his full-blooded sister, who does not want to be thought of as maternal, so she lets Ezvin deal with his own problems.

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Connections: Jensen James

Zoe Marveet

Nobody really understands what prompted Scion to adopt a young child, and the question is a common source of speculation at family functions, but since her adoption, Zoe has been fully integrated into the Marveet family and treated as one of Scion’s own children. However, she occasionally feels like an outsider. She avoids conflict like Ezvin, and as a result, she is often a bridge or a mediator among the family.

Connections: Thalia Milton,

Saelia Marveet

Saelia is the youngest daughter of Scion Marveet, and as such grew up in a world of luxury and privilege but was always overshadowed by her older siblings’ achievements and ambitions. Sealia has always wielded a strong rebellious streak, challenging authority and the expectations placed upon her as a Marveet and compared to Cyrena. As a result, she gets into a lot of trouble with her younger half-brother, Jaxen. Together, they have been known to travel or disappear for weeks on end to offbeat and unconventional destinations. Apart from Jaxen, Sealia’s relationships with her other siblings are distant. She shares no interest in their corporate ambitions and lifestyles.

She loves adventure and is often drawn to high-adrenaline activities that can land her in trouble. In addition, she has a strong artistic streak, particularly for performance and dancing. She has been known to ambush the stage at clubs and quite literally steal the show.

Connections: Gideon Marquis

Jaxen Marveet

The youngest of the Marveets and full-blooded sibling of Maksim. He is generally ignored or forgotten by his oldest siblings. He is friends with Zoe and Saelia, though Saelia continually ribs him for still wanting “daddy’s approval” despite his apparent rebellion.

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