Scion Marveet is one of the hundred or so billionaires in Moscow, and among them, he wields a terrible amount of influence. Scion is a ruthless businessman, but he is loyal to his family and children, ex-wives excluded. His motto is work hard, play hard and take no shit from anyone. He comes from a blue collar Russian family that can trace their lineage many generations back. He, like the men before him, is proud, confident, determined, and tough. He likes women, vodka, and power, but is not foolish enough to assume he can lower his guard at any time. He maintains his presence with constant vigilance and outsmarting his competition. Scion’s reputation is enough to frighten his own children into obedience.


The Patriarch of the Marveet empire, he is the CEO of the world’s largest steel company. He employees hundreds of thousands of people across three continents and is a member of numerous powerful boards including international banking firms, aeronautic technologies, and database search aggregates.

He’s also a ranking member of the World Steel Association’s executive committee, so he has eyes, ears, and hands everywhere. From metal, real estate, communications and transportation, the spine of the world is made from steel. In the enormous world of real estate, land management, and construction the Marveets control all barriers to entry for expansion in the CCD. Of the hundred skyscrapers built in Moscow over the last twenty years, Marveet steel line their skeletons.

What really accelerated the Marveet empire into a worldwide name was the expansion of their high-grade construction steel corporations into lightweight composite materials that blended old-school aluminum with high-tech fibercarbons. Industries spanning aviation, defense, and automobile depend on contracts arranged by Scion Marveet.


A man like Scion does not become successful, wealthy and powerful by allowing his emotions to rule his heart and mind. Yet he has a passionate soul. His love can burn equally hot and fast, but his anger can rise equally cold and ferocious.

Nobody knows Scion better than his ex-wife, Irina. They married young, greatly in love. They were married long enough to have one son, Jaxen’s oldest brother, Maksim, before they divorced. They each went on to remarry and have other children several times over, but the couple found themselves entwined in passion years later that resulted in their second son, Jaxen.

After all their years, Scion continues to love Irina fiercely.

Irina blinked patiently, but when it was clear Scion was shaken, her voice softened to one he recognized.

“He values ruthlessness. Your ruthlessness,” Irina said.

He looked up. Belief lit her eyes wild. She looked at him only a few times like that in the past. It was the reason he fell in love with her in the first place.

Altar of the Gods

Loyalty to Country

Following Jaxen’s appearance mocking Ascendancy at the cabaret, Scion was brought to the Kremlin. There, he trembled before the Ascendancy’s wrath, and watched a live feed of an assassin waiting the order to kill his youngest son, Irina’s baby. He said he would do anything to atone for the offense, and was ready to accept the consequences. Even that.

Luckily, Ascendancy wanted something else. That was when Scion offered the last thing he had to propose.

He had been working under the table with the Mexican-American Amengual Cartel. Together, he had funded the cartel’s interest in illegal channeler research. It was Scion’s money filtered through the cartel that ran Orion Pharmaceuticals. The Cartel worked with the corrupted Governor of Texas, Jessika Thrice, to source children who showed signs of the Sickness and corralled them at an undisclosed location for ongoing research. In exchange, the cartel was going to take any action necessary for Jessika’s legislation to cede the state from the Federal government. They brokered the arms deal with Scion, who had the reach and Custody-based money to provide Jessika with a standing army to enforce state independence when the conflict escalated. Upon Jessika’s successful leadership of an Independent Texas, she would become head of the most powerful state in North America.

But instead, Jay Carpenter pretty much decimated the Amengual Cartel, dismantled the research site, killed the lead site-researcher, and destroyed all the children who were kept as subjects. With no operation left, Jessika was ready to pull out of the deal until Scion Marveet arrived on Texas shores to broker a new one.

One that would ultimately offer the state straight into the hands of the Ascendancy instead.

It was this deal that Scion offered to save Jaxen’s life, a deal that Jaxen is fully ignorant of to this day.

Scion escorted the Ascendancy’s property back to Moscow himself: Jensen James, Jay Carpenter, and Natalie Northbrook. Jessika remains Governor of Texas, and Orion Pharmaceuticals remain operational in Dallas. Unbeknownst to Scion, the widow of the dead leader of the cartel stole one of the two Oculus prototypes and absconded to Moscow, using it as leverage to deal her way into revenge. She has presently offered it to Adrian Kane in exchange for killing Jay Carpenter, who murdered her husband and daughter.

What Adrian will do with the offer, and the device, is yet to be seen.

Scion has long-vied for the seat of Privilege of DI. He has gained Valentin Sulteev’s favor and was front-runner for his replacement until the deal with Ascendancy. If he indeed delivers Texas as promised, the seat of Privilege is his.


Dark black hair touched with gray at the temples but without any sort of receding hairline. He wears his hair long enough to tuck behind both ears. A full beard, when he wears one, is thick and well-groomed and more ashen white than black at his age. An expectant presence makes up for height so that he dominates the rooms he enters. He prefers dark, neutral colors: dark gray or black suits and simple patterns for his ties or shirts.


Scion has been with his current girlfriend for more than a year. He cares about her, but just as importantly, he cares about what she can do for him.

Vena found him a few moments later. The dark-haired beauty smiled up at him such that the darkness was chased from his expression. Scion smiled in return and offered to lead her for a dance.

The Grand Ball


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