Scion Marveet
Age: Mid 60s.
Father of Jaxen Marveet.


Scion Marveet is one of the world’s most powerful men. He is one of the hundred or so billionaires in Moscow, and among them, wields a terrible amount of influence. Scion is a ruthless businessman, but he is loyal to his family and children, wives excluded. His motto is work hard, play hard and take no shit from anyone. He comes from a blue collar Russian family that can trace their lineage many generations back. He, like the men before him, is proud, confident, determined, and tough. He likes women, vodka, and power, but is not foolish enough to assume he can lower his guard at any time. He maintains his presence with constant vigilance and wit to outsmart competition and enemies alike. Scion’s reputation is enough to frighten his own children into obedience.


The Patriarch of the Marveet empire, he is the CEO of the world’s largest steel company. He employees hundreds of thousands of people across three continents and is a member of numerous powerful boards including international banking firms, aeronautic technologies, and database search aggregates.

He’s also ranking member of the World Steel Association’s executive committee, so he has eyes, ears, and hands everywhere. From metal, real estate, communications and transportation, the spine of the world is made from steel. In the enormous world of real estate, land management, and construction the Marveets control all barriers to entry for expansion in the CCD.

What really accelerated the Marveet empire into a worldwide name was the expansion of their high-grade construction steel corporations into lightweight composite materials that blended old-school aluminiums with high-tech fibercarbons. Industries spanning aviation, defense, and automobile depend on contracts elicited by Scion Marveet.


A man like Scion does not become successful, wealthy and powerful by allowing his emotions to rule his heart and mind. Yet he has a passionate soul. His love can burn equally hot and fast, but his anger can rise cold and ferocious.

Nobody knows Scion better than his ex-wife. They married young as much in love as they were partners. They were married long enough to have one son, Jaxen’s oldest brother, before they divorced. They each went on to remarry and have other children, but they couple found themselves entwined in passion years later that resulted in their second son, Jaxen.


Dark black hair touched with gray at the temples but without any sort of receding hairline. He wears his hair long enough to tuck behind both ears. A full beard, when he wears one, is thick and well-groomed and more ashen white than black at his age. An expectant presence makes up for height so that he dominates the rooms he enters. He prefers dark, neutral colors: dark gray or black suits and simple patterns for his ties or shirts.



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