Born of a wealthy business magnate in Mumbai, India, Vena has lived a privileged life, accustomed to a large and multigenerational family. She has always been more interested in people than business, and as such her interests have always erred on the side of the arts, with dance being at the foremost of her passions. Growing up she was especially close to her cousin, Ishya, who was something of the wild child to Vena’s conservatism (and probably a terrible influence). It was Ishya’s persuasions that pushed Vena to spread her wings beyond India, prompting her to study dance and performance art at the prestigious Julliard School in New York (father was not pleased).

Three years later she dropped out, when halfway through a routine her nostrils filled with the acrid stench of blood. Her stomach dropped, her balanced wavered, knees skinned on the hard floor. She remembers cupping her hands to her face, surprised to find that her nose was not in fact bleeding. That day Ishya stopped returning her calls.

By now Vena already knew her brain was wired differently, its senses muddled, and was aware too of her uncanny perceptions. So she did not doubt the dread she felt when the phone just kept ringing.

She returned home to her family, only to discover Ishya long gone on worldly travels, her trail cold. The flash of brief glimpses — smells, sounds — urged her toward to a path she didn’t know how to follow, so Vena searched on blind instinct, but always found her head pointed back to the same place.


Scion Marveet

She moved to the city on vague assurances to her father that she would look to find a husband. Though she knows she is now in the right place, nothing yet has sparked a further epiphany. In the meanwhile she graces Moscow’s socialite scene, networking amongst them for a hint of Ishya’s whereabouts. She has made a life for herself, and is currently the girlfriend of Scion Marveet.


Vena will only channel if she is taught, and thus has no idea of her capabilities.

As Lachesis reborn, she has an uncanny connection to the Pattern. She’s gifted with an innate perception of people’s threads, lending her intuitiveness in her interactions with others. In the main this ability is woken by touch, or at least enhanced by it. Sometimes, though rarer, it may work also with objects — particularly when they are closely connected with a person.

She can direct the ability to a degree but has not discovered how to control the information relayed or its relevance or importance. The feedback blends with her synasthesia and so often requires translation. Past, present and future all fall under her remit, though she cannot distinguish between them. Most often what she discerns comes in relation to another — that is to say she mostly picks up on connections between people.

She can generally sense where people she knows are in a room without having to look, and can usually intuit where to find others on a larger scale. This is most reliable when she has a direct connection with them.

Though technically a prophet, she has not formalised this skill beyond her talents listed above, and thus far has made no fortellings.


Diminutive in height. Thick black hair, and chocolate dark eyes. Vena is beautiful, and knows it. She is attracted to power, likes to feel looked after, and enjoys the finer things in life. Her mannerisms are warm, sultry, and invite confidence. The interest is genuine; she enjoys getting to know people. Though what she chooses to do with the information is entirely discretionary.

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