Zhenya Disir

Basic Stats

Age: 27
Origin: Russia
Occupation: CEO of Pervaya Liniya Security
Power Potential: 34
Reborn God: Freyja, Inanna
Talent: Channeler
Loyalty: CCD
Played By: Thal


Following the retirement of her father, Zhenya heads the family’s private security firm, Pervaya Liniya — the most elite and well-respected company of its kind in DI.

She displays great pride in and loyalty to her small band of operators, and has been known to grant unusual favours. Likewise the company’s use of Moscow’s very best lawyers offers blanket protection — as such dangerous men sometimes need, though she does not generally approve of its abuse. She strives to know many of them on a personal level, to general speculation.

Zhenya views Pervaya as a vehicle for the greater good, but it is but one string of her intended bow. She is ambitious in her intentions to better the world, and protect it, recently involving herself in Natalie Northbrook’s plans for a channeling school, and agreeing to work with Seven and Paragon in seeking ways to fuse the power and technology.

The Network

Although among a slew of young people saved from the Sickness via their contact with Sören Lindgren, Zhenya has never been initiated into the Network’s shadowy halls. She is aware peripherally of its existence, and yet despite confronting Sören about his work several times he has consistently denied her information, else warned her away.


Following Sören’s departure in 2037, Zhenya threw herself whole-heartedly into the study of her gift, which she refers to by the Norse word seiðr. The goddess Freyja was remarkable in her aptitude, and Zhenya has discovered no differently. By 2040, when she finally tracked Sören down as promised, she had far surpassed him in both skill and knowledge. Though he still refused either her association or help, she was responsible for his new understanding of the differences between the two powers, something he later used to help other female channelers. In addition, and in a bid to impress with her discoveries, she also introduced him to the possibility of magical objects, an obsession that he has hunted relentlessly ever since.

Despite her security work, Zhenya’s applications of the power thus far have mostly encompassed the betterment, joy, and amusement of others. Voracious in her study, and quite used to the duress of her professional life, she has learned under self-directed pressures to master a good degree of control. However it should be noted that she is accustom to the protection of Pervaya, and has not yet been placed in a situation where she has needed to use the power for self-survival.


  • Lorcán Quinn – Zhenya’s estranged husband.
  • Auri Quinn – Their daughter, a child of five or six, with dark hair, amber eyes, and troubling dreams.
  • Halima – Auri’s nanny.
  • Yulian – Zhenya’s long-time bodyguard, and presently the coordinator of her home security.

Friends and Connections

Zhenya surrounds herself with connections; she is social and well-liked around her home in Moscow. As an adopted child those initiated into her consideration of family are not limited to blood, and she is affectionate and devoted to those welcomed into her inner circle. Romantic dalliances are usually brief, though she has a habit of returning to old lovers. If they involve her heart, the bonds she creates with others are strong. If they break, it grieves her deeply.

  • Cyrena Marveet: an old friend
  • Natalie Northbrook: new to Moscow, Zhenya has taken her under wing. She has an interest in the woman’s plans for a school, hoping to invest in a project that might one day benefit her daughter
  • Seven: an associate first introduced by Ephraim Haart of Paragon, who Zhenya is keen to work with. She feels an uncanny and strong connection.
  • Ephraim Haart: a business associate
  • Adrian Kane: a business associate and notorious bachelor, whom Zhenya takes great amusement in trying to set up
  • Daniil Tarasovich: a criminal defence lawyer often employed by Pervaya

Other Lives



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