Daniil Myshelovich Tarasovich

Daniil Myshelovich Tarasovich, the offspring of the inscrutable Myshelov Tarasovich, was born into a world of intricacies and cunning. Inheriting his father’s sharp intellect and charm, Daniil embarked on a path that, while distinct from his father’s, held the same undercurrent of calculated and cutthroat determination.

From an early age, Daniil, or Danya for short, exhibited a remarkable aptitude for understanding the complexities of human nature. Observing his father’s shrewd dealings with both allies and adversaries, he absorbed the lessons of diplomacy and persuasion with a discerning eye. Unlike Myshelov’s unyielding pursuit of power and order, Daniil possessed a different kind of ambition – one that thrived in the shadows of Moscow’s legal labyrinth.

From a young age, Daniil displayed an insatiable thirst for the spotlight, an unquenchable desire for prestige, and a penchant for controlling narratives. Observing his father’s shrewd dealings with allies and adversaries alike, he understood that true power lay not only in acquiring it but also in the artful wielding of influence. In contrast to his father’s political disposition, Daniil chose the path of a criminal defense lawyer. He saw the legal system as an intricate web, where manipulation and persuasion were the keys to success. With a penchant for exploiting legal loopholes and an uncanny ability to read people, Daniil became a formidable advocate.

Unlike Myshelov, whose pursuit of power and order was unyielding, Daniil craved the adulation that came with acquittals and the control he could exert over public perception. He saw the courtroom as a stage where he could manipulate emotions, bend the truth, and orchestrate legal symphonies to his own advantage. 

Daniil understood that the courts were a stage where decorum and strategy played vital roles and where charisma and strategy reigned supreme. He approached each case with the same meticulous attention to detail that Myshelov applied to his political maneuvers.

Beneath Daniil’s affable facade lay a mind that never missed a beat and a heart devoid of empathy for those who stood in his way. He understood that to win, he needed to be both the puppeteer and the puppet master. He wove intricate webs of deceit with ease, pulling strings behind the scenes to control outcomes and manipulate perceptions. He was a master at shaping narratives and bending the truth to his advantage, ensuring that acquittals were not just legal victories but also public spectacles featuring himself at the forefront.

His reputation as a charming yet ruthless advocate earned him both admiration and fear in equal measure. Daniil’s clients included organized crime members, corrupt politicians, government accusations, and violent criminals alike. It was he who was responsible for the imprisonment of Alistair Grey, terrorist and traitor.

As the Tarasoviches had once held power in pre-ASU Belarus, Daniil’s journey echoed his family’s legacy in a different way. He wielded the power of the law and all the prestige and attention he commands. His father’s alliance with the Ascendancy had shaped their family’s destiny, and Daniil, in his own way, continues to navigate the intricate dance of power and influence in Moscow’s legal realm.


Daniil mesmerizes with high-fashion cheekbones, dolphin pools for eyes, the petals of the mouth, and the sculpted neck. The accumulative vibe is faux-infantile alien, soothingly sinister, tough and ethereal with a technical exactitude as sharp as his physique.

That is Daniil on the floor; he checkmates every opponent he faces. Daniil is a beautiful bird, a fine-featured horrorshow, a plutonic skeleton with bones of wind. His midnight sun, having no alternative, dazzles. 

Other lives

2nd Age – Durrick Ladei Chamora, Forsaken

3rd Age – Bel’rik, Caster of Nets, Forsaken

6th Age – Thanatos, Greek God of Death



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