Patron of Dominance I

Patron of the Central Dominance, Myshelov is arguably one of the most powerful people in the Custody, if not the entire world. As Patron, he wields an autocratic level of power within Dominance I. Like all Dominance Patrons, his power is appointed at the behest of the Ascendancy, for whom he represents.


Myshelov is a highly intelligent, highly driven individual with developed narcissistic tendencies. Sly, manipulative, and charming, Myshelov is always three steps ahead of everyone else, and is determined to keep it that way.

As he puts it: “I’m a politician. Politicians are notorious liars. And I am a great politician.”

He dislikes rudeness and believes behavior, hierarchy and power should lie in crisp and pristine order. He is a natural-born oligarch who understands the complex intersection between the traditions of the criminal underworld, the Dominance’s cultural history, and the rise of the new aristocracy. He deeply respects the Ascendancy, whom he acknowledges the miraculous feat of conquering Russia at all its levels and organizing the world in proper order. The CCD empire is an institution that Myshelov believes will last forever.

He is also an extremely ruthless individual with no qualms about killing if the need arises. He is not needlessly aggressive for the pleasure of it nor is he a genocidal sociopath hellbent on eliminating all adversaries, but rather sees it as an effective means of gaining information, leading to the eventual deaths of the Ascendancy’s enemies in order to maintain the status quo. As a result, he displays almost no empathy when confronting (or killing) people but instead covers it up with an affable facade to deceive his victims into lowering their guard so he can exploit them. 

He is shown to be extremely compassionate and caring towards those he cares about while also displaying a natural care for the members of his government offices. He is polite, kind, and caring towards people that he has known for an extended period of time with his persona almost always on display. He is nothing if not a man of his word as he always keeps his promises. Twenty-five years ago, he vowed to Ascendancy to protect Moscow and Dominance I, and has dedicated his whole life to doing so.



The Tarasoviches were originally of Belarusian background. 

Their family had been in power in Belarus since the formation of the Autonomous Republic of Belarus from the former Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic following the collapse of the Soviet Union. When the republic declared sovereignty in 1990, Volkov Tarasovich was ‘elected’ President of the new Republic of Belarus. Decades later, his son, Myshelov Tarasovich was a prominent political figure on the verge of winning the Republic’s presidency himself.

Although Myshelov Tarasovich wasn’t affiliated with any established communist parties, he had been an outspoken critic of western capitalism and praised communism. He was an early identified ally of the recently elected President Nikolai Brandon of Russia. Their alliance resulted in Belarus becoming the first of Russia’s autonomous republics to be recollected into the ASU by Nikolai Brandon. 

Paradoxically, the Tarasoviches owned an expansive private military and managed food production assets in Belarus and western Russia – this made them the most powerful family in western Russia at the time.

Major family members include Salko Tarasovich – owner of Nela-Crop, Russia’s main domestic supplier of potatoes, Repin Tarasovich – model and soccer player, and Olena Tarasovich – Head of the National CCD Cultural Center and owner of several Moscovian-based culture-oriented museums. Most prominent among his relatives is his son, Daniil Tarasovich.


Myshelov is very meticulous in his way of dressing, always making sure it fits the occasion. He’s usually found in a tailored high-end three-piece suit, a tie (usually colorful), a fedora, Italian leather shoes, and his signature rose-colored glasses or sunglasses. He also always wears a wristwatch. Depending on the function, he may appear in a custom tailored tuxedo. 

He often wears a wool overcoat with a cashmere collar if it’s cold. He also has a fur-trimmed parka for very cold temperatures. But he is also a master politician that dallies with the criminal underworld on a regular basis to keep them in check on behalf of the Ascendancy, and quite often dresses for those kinds of activities as well, wearing nondescript, nowhere near flashy dress if he needs to blend into an environment. Such activities are rarely required these days.

He is 65 years old, 5’10” and about 190 lbs.

His social media handle is @Big-Bad-Handsome-Man.

He is extremely popular in Moscow.



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